We all know that feeling – it’s a hot summer day and you’re absolutely parched. You reach for an ice-cold glass of water, take a sip, and feel a wave of relief wash over you. But have you ever wondered whether drinking cold water is good or bad for you?

Even our ayurvedic texts favor warm or room temperature water over cold water, believing them to be great for the digestive system.

So is drinking cold water bad for your body? Let’s find out!

Here, we’ll be exploring the impact of drinking cold water on our bodies, the benefits of drinking cold water as well as the side effects of drinking cold water in detail. So grab a glass of water and let’s dive in!

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What are the disadvantages of drinking cold water?

While we often associate cold water with refreshment, research suggests some downsides to consuming water that’s too cold. Here are a few reasons why:

It can affect digestion

First off, drinking cold water can sometimes lead to digestive problems. It turns out that drinking ice-cold water can have a negative impact on our bodies, particularly our digestive system. When we consume cold water, it causes our blood vessels to constrict, which in turn slows down the digestion process. This can lead to a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as bloating, cramping, and even constipation.

Drinking cold water leads to increase in mucus production

Can lead to an increase in mucous production

Drinking cold water leads to an increase in mucus production, which can exacerbate flu and cold symptoms. This is because cold water causes the blood vessels in the nose and throat to constrict, leading to a decrease in blood flow and a decrease in the ability of the immune system to fight off infections. The body may produce more mucus as a response to the cold temperature of the water, as it tries to protect the respiratory tract from the cold shock. This excess mucus can create a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, leading to an increase in cold and flu symptoms.

Drinking cold water over a period of time could cause Achalasia

If you are wondering what Achalasia is, it is a rare medical condition that affects the esophagus, the muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. The condition makes it difficult for food and liquids to pass through to the stomach. The cold temperature of the water is said to damage the nerves in the esophagus which can trigger the onset of this condition. 

Increased tooth sensitivity

Yes, cold water is bad for your teeth! When you consume something that’s too cold, it can cause your tooth enamel to weaken, which can lead to sensitivity and decay over time. So, be extra cautious when you gulp down an ice-cold drink next time.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Cold Water?

In the previous section, we discussed the disadvantages of drinking cold water. But did you know it can offer some benefits too?  For some people, cold water can be great for the body and mind, making it an excellent choice for staying hydrated. Let’s have a look at some of them:

A great post-workout drink 

For all the gym-goers, here is some good news! Drinking cold water after a workout can be incredibly refreshing and beneficial for your body. As you exercise, your body temperature rises, and drinking cold water can help regulate it. Cold water can also help reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints, which can help speed up your recovery big time! By rehydrating your body with cold water, you can replace lost fluids and electrolytes quickly, leading to better overall performance in future workouts. Remember to carry a bottle of cold water with you the next time you hit the gym or go for a run – It will definitely help you cool down and recover faster!

Can help bring down inflammation and pain

Drinking cold water has been found to have a soothing effect on pain. This is because cold water can help in reducing inflammation and swelling in the body. When you drink cold water, it constricts blood vessels and decreases the blood flow to the affected area, thereby reducing inflammation and pain. Drinking cold water can also help to numb the area, which can provide temporary relief from pain. This can be particularly helpful for people who suffer from headaches or migraines, as cold water can help dull the pain quickly.

Replace your coffee with cold water for a quick burst of energy

Drinking a glass of cold water can be a great way to awaken your senses and feel more alert. when you drink cold water, your body has to work harder to warm it up to match your body temperature. This in turn increases your heart rate and gives you a burst of energy. Next time you’re feeling sluggish and need a quick pick-me-up, try drinking a glass of cold water to regain focus and energy!

Can Drinking Cold Water Help You Lose Weight?

Drinking a glass of cold water before meals

There’s still a debate among the scientific community about cold water’s role in weight loss. But some studies show a correlation between cold water and losing weight. What happens when you drink cold water? Your body works harder to warm the water to its core temperature, which burns more calories. This in turn boosts your metabolism, increasing the rate at which your body burns calories.

Another advantage of drinking cold water is that it can help suppress your appetite. This is because cold water takes longer to leave your stomach thereby making you feel fuller for longer periods of time. In fact, drinking a glass of cold water before meals has been shown to reduce the amount of food consumed during a meal. Incorporating cold water into your weight loss journey can be a simple and effective way to help reach your goals.

It is however important to note that while drinking cold water can aid in weight loss, it should not be the sole method for losing weight. A balanced diet and regular exercise are still necessary for maintaining a healthy weight. 

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So what’s the solution? While we’re not saying you should give up cold water altogether, just be mindful of the temperature and try not to go overboard with the ice cubes. Not only will this be easier on your digestive system and metabolism, but it will also help you stay hydrated more effectively.

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