A comprehensive reckoner on the causes and prevention of water borne diseases, and how to choose the right water purifier to protect yourself from it.


Diseases caused by impure water is a major challenge in this part of the world. With summers approaching, you need to be extra vigilant about the quality of water that you consume, when you are traveling and at home. Consumption of unclean or contaminated water is the major cause of waterborne diseases like cholera. This will put you and your family at risk for a lot of debilitating health conditions. 


So, whatever be the source of your water, borewell or municipal supply, it is vital to ensure that it is purified and safe from contamination before you consume it. This simple step of ensuring that your water is filtered will go a long way in making sure that you and your family are safe from water borne diseases.


Is the water you consume secured against cholera?


Cholera is a fatal contaminated water disease, caused by the bacterium vibrio cholerae. It is spread through contaminated water and food.  Anybody who consumes such water faces the risk of infection. The infection occurs in the small intestine and can vary from mild to critical. The most common symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. It is imperative that the patient seeks medical attention to get cured. The most important step to be taken to prevent a cholera attack is to ensure that the water available for consumption is filtered and safe from pathogens.


It is important to understand that just because the water looks clear and clean it may not be safe to drink.  The water which may appear dirt free may in fact be a breeding ground of bacteria which are mostly invisible to the naked eye, making you susceptible to water diseases. Since cholera is spread through the intake of contaminated water, it becomes crucial to ensure that water available is filtered, treated, and made safe for use. 

Cholera is spread through the intake of contaminated water

The water available to you, through civic bodies or borewells may contain a variety of dissolved salts and impurities along with a host of deadly pathogens. So, your best bet against water borne diseases is to invest in an RO purifier that does the twin job of removing dissolved impurities as well as destroying invisible pathogens.


How do you purify water to prevent cholera?


The water we consume every day, usually comes from underground sources like bore wells, or water bodies like lakes or rivers. This water may contain a lot of dissolved impurities, salts and pathogens which cause most common water borne diseases. These must be dealt with, to ensure the purity of water before it can be consumed. 


An RO water purifier purifies water by removing dissolved impurities as well as any pathogens present in the water. Most branded purifiers have a very efficient membrane which filters out all impurities from the source water. With multiple stages of purification, they guarantee that the water you drink is clean, safe and pure. This also ensures that you are protected from most common water borne diseases.

RO water purifier purifies water by removing dissolved impurities

How do you prevent water borne diseases?


Diseases caused by impure water is a major source of concern and has affected millions of people globally. To prevent the outbreak of deadly water borne diseases like cholera, the world health organization has stressed the importance of appropriate sanitation, access to safe drinking water, availability of oral cholera vaccines, community awareness etc. This shows the importance of drinking clean and contamination free water when it comes to preventing water diseases.


Personal Hygiene


This along with adequate hygiene measures, frequent hand washing and preventing exposure to contaminated feces are of paramount importance to prevent a cholera outbreak.

But as with most things in life, having a balanced approach is necessary in this case too. So while still experiencing the simple pleasures of life like eating from your favorite joint or drinking cold juice from outside on a scorching hot day? Other than investing in a trusty RO to ensure pure water, be vigilant and follow these tips to shield yourself and your family from most common waterborne diseases.


Safety Starts at Home


Ensure that you maintain adequate hygiene during food preparation, like washing hands frequently, cleaning utensils, cutlery and chopping boards before and after use, washing vegetables and fruits before cooking, storing cooked food correctly etc.  Make sure that the pipelines and tanks at your home are cleaned and sanitized on a consistent basis. These simple but powerful steps will go a long way to protect you from diseases caused by impure water.



Food and Water Intake during Travel

Avoid eating raw or uncooked food

It is always prudent to carry your own filtered drinking water from home while traveling. Besides protecting you from a plethora of infections, it is also environmentally friendly. Try to avoid eating raw or uncooked food as much as possible as they face the risk of contamination. Ensure personal hygiene to the extent possible and carry a home cooked meal if you are not sure of the sanitation levels of the place you are going to.


 Water Purifier at Home


Even if you are staying at your apartment on a temporary basis, it may be prudent to make use of facilities like a water purifier on subscription basis. Companies like Drink Prime offer water purifiers on a subscription model and offer you customized water solutions, depending on the water quality of your area. This ensures that you have access to safe clean drinking water, well within your budget.


How to choose the best RO water purifier to protect yourself from Cholera?



Since the source of most common waterborne diseases is contaminated water, it becomes essential that you ensure that the water available for consumption is pure and safe. Whatever be the source of water, municipal bodies or bore wells, it is crucial that the dissolved impurities and salts are removed along with deadly pathogens which are invisible to the naked eye. So, the RO purifier you choose must have all these features to ensure purity of the water you consume.


Get the water quality in your area checked by a professional. If the TDS levels are less than 500 ppm, then it is most likely that you need only a UV filter to destroy the pathogens as an RO purifier may lower the TDS even more, stripping the water of essential minerals. If you are unsure about the water quality in your area or get a mix of water from various sources, it may be a good idea to invest in an intelligent purifier which has the features of RO, UV, UF and TDS control. 


This will ensure that your purifier will purify water depending on the quality of the available water. Another factor to think about, while choosing a purifier to ward off water diseases, is the quality certifications of the purifier and  any awards it may have been bestowed with, by reputed authorities. It is always prudent to get your system customized to the quality of water available in your area to ensure maximum protection from water borne diseases.




Waterborne diseases like cholera can be dangerous and have a long-lasting impact on the health of you and your family. Maintaining proper hygiene practices and consuming pure water are the best ways to protect yourself from getting infected. A good water purifier can prove to be your best ally in this regard. It filters and purifies water regardless of the source, removing impurities like dissolved salts, heavy metals, contaminants, and deadly pathogens which are invisible to the naked eye. So, invest in a robust, quality certified water purifier and enjoy clean, safe, sweet tasting drinking water while ensuring the safety of your family.



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