How many times have you been chided for not drinking enough water when you were a child? Presumably, a lot of times and rightly so. Water is essential for your body to function well. But what do you do if you find plain water unpalatable? Don’t panic. There are other ways to ensure you are adequately hydrated. Read on to find out 5 ways to stay hydrated without water this summer!


Let us have a look at how to stay hydrated without water  

1.Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal. 


Oatmeal, other than being a hearty and nourishing breakfast, is very hydrating. Oats, when cooked, absorb the liquid they are being cooked in and when consumed, adds up to your hydration quota for the day. If the thought of warm oatmeal in summer is putting you off, try a refreshing jar of overnight oats, which is packed with all the benefits of oatmeal minus the heat. Paired with healthy fruits, nuts and seeds, this breakfast does double duty of nourishing and hydrating your body. This is one healthy way to stay hydrated without water!


2.Switch to smoothies. 

Swap one of your snacks with a refreshing and hydrating smoothie

What better way to stay hydrated without water than drinking smoothies? Swap one of your snacks with a refreshing and hydrating smoothie. Use water-rich fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, strawberries, spinach, blueberries, etc. Use coconut water instead of plain water for the extra dose of electrolytes. 


3.Eat your water. 


Fill at least a quarter to half portion of your plate with fresh salad at lunch and dinner. Use water-rich vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, etc. to ensure that you are adequately hydrated through the day. Munch on water-rich fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe as snacks- one of the best ways to stay hydrated without water!


4.Make hydration fun for you and your family.


Freeze fruits or fruit puree to create tasty and exciting flavors of popsicles and enjoy this classic summer treat guilt-free.


5.Flavour your water.


Instead of forcing yourself to gulp down plain water, flavor your water with different fruits and herb combinations, like the classic cucumber and mint or the fruity blueberry and lime. Let your imagination play around and use different combinations daily so that you reach out for that glass of water with a smile. This way you can stay hydrated without water for a long time.



Filtered water is the best for hydrating yourself

Although any beverage you drink will count towards your water quota, it is best to stay away from drinks with artificial ingredients and sweeteners. This will lead to a host of health issues when consumed regularly. At the end of the day, plain filtered water is your best friend when it comes to hydrating yourself and nothing can substitute that. But these alternate ways to stay hydrated without water are great when you just can’t imagine gulping down another glass of water.

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