Gone are the days when you could drink water out of the well or take a bucket to the lake and fill it up with water to be used for your chores. Apart from the fact that there are barely any lakes, the more concerning thing is that none of the natural water resources contain water that can be consumed directly by human beings. They’re all polluted! A survey shows that 70% of Indian water sources are contaminated. This is why it is important to filter the water we consume. But what is the difference between distilled water vs purified water? 

The two types are basically got by two different processes. To understand the difference between distilled water vs purified water, let us first briefly understand their meanings, pros and cons. 

Distilled water vs Purified water

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What is distilled water?

Distilled water takes a step further than purified water and removes the essential minerals along with the impurities. This not only means that the water is not the best tasting but also means that the water is completely stripped of its natural nutrients making it not so healthy.

Pros and cons of distilled water 

Well, the obvious con is that distilled water does not have the nutrients that are required by your body! But given it is the purest form of water, it is mostly preferred by medical professionals. It is also considered beneficial for people that suffer from ailments that make their immune systems weak. This means cancer or HIV patients. If distilled water is your main source or only source of drinking water then you will have to substitute your mineral intake by eating stuff that will provide you with it. Just make sure you take in your daily mineral needs! 

What is purified water?

As the name suggests, water that goes through the processes like basic sand filtration or more modern processes like RO and UV filtration to get rid of the impurities is known as purified water. The contaminants must be completely removed or lowered to the least possible levels. This retains the minerals of the water giving it a nice taste. 

Is purified water better

Pros and cons of purified water 

Purification ensure that the water you drink is not only safe but also has retained minerals giving it a good taste and also making it healthy for you. It is also the better option for hair, skin and digestion. Purification is a relatively easier process than distillation and there are multiple devices in the market that can help with you it. However, the main disadvantage of owning a water purifier is the cost of buying and maintaining it. This leads to people choosing purified that come in packed plastic bottles or plastic water cans making it another con! 

What's the verdict

Now that you know the difference between distilled water vs purified water, you are most likely to choose purified water for your daily use. So get a water purifier at home to make the process easy! Not just any water purifier. Only trust DrinkPrime customized water purifier with filters that suit your water quality. This ensures your water is not under-purified or over-purified giving you clean, safe and healthy drinking water every time! The best part? You don’t have to invest anything in this water purifier as it is given on rent with plans starting at just Rs. 333*. Moreover, services like delivery, installation, maintenance, filter changes and relocation are all for free for a lifetime! Visit the website to get a subscription. 

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