Water is the elixir of life as we know it. But not all water! Or at least not in today’s world with all its polluted and contaminated water sources. Before consuming any water we need to ensure that it is completely purified and safe to drink. 

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What is purified water and why should drinking water be purified?

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself healthy. Water is what makes up 70% of our body and its functions. As such it becomes crucial to consume safe, purified water. Purified water is nothing but water that goes through a process where it is rid of all impurities leaving you with clean, safe and healthy drinking water. 

But can you trust purified drinking water? Here are a few of the many benefits of purified water – 

1.No harmful contaminants 

As mentioned before, the process of purification gets rid of anything harmful that gets dissolved in your drinking water. 

2. Retained minerals

Unlike other forms of filtration, the process of purification does not strip water out of all its important nutrients and minerals that are naturally present in it. These are beneficial to the body as well. 

3. Aids in digestion 

Safe water is essential in helping the body break food down, absorb the nutrients and deliver it to the required cells. 

4. Improves skin and hair health 

One of the most common benefits of drinking purified water is its effect on hair and skin. Avoid dry skin by keeping it hydrated from within. Your scalp is also a part of the skin and hence, being dehydrated or drinking poor-quality water can directly affect the two. 

5. Smooth bodily functions 

Every bodily function requires the use of water. This is why the human body is so heavily dependent on water.

6. Helps in weight loss

As water aids digestion and ensures the normal functioning of other organs, it indirectly helps in metabolism as well. On the other hand, drinking water keeps you full for long periods of time and 

7. Better bone health 

Water is responsible for the bones getting enough calcium for their optimum performance. Only safe water can ensure this is done without any hindrance. While contaminated water can only have negative effects in this process.  

8. Saves time and money 

Purified water is usually gotten through water purifiers. But not any water purifier! Customized water purifiers like DrinkPrime water purifiers have filters that suit your water quality. By renting DrinkPrime, you save time as it purifies and has your water ready to drink whenever you need it. You also save your money as it has subscription plans that start as low as Rs. 333*

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9. Increases water intake 

One of the benefits of purified water is that it is sweet tasting as it has many minerals and nutrients in it and is rid of any contaminants that give water a bad taste. Better-tasting water means that you drink more of it which increases your daily consumption! 

10. Helps in the detoxification of the body 

Overall, staying hydrated with safe drinking water helps get rid of any built-up toxins in the body in the form of sweat, urine, etc. 

Hence proved that you should only opt for purified water for your drinking purposes. This will not only help you see immediate benefits but will also help in keeping your body healthy in the long term.  

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