New year’s is just around the corner and you must have already thought about all the ways you want to change your life in 2023! Let 2023 actually be your year. Here are 30 fun and realistic new year resolution ideas that you can pick from and focus on next year! 


1.“I will eat healthier” 

Here’s something that is everyone’s new year goal! Let 2023 be the year you take care of your body inside out! 


2.“I will stay active”

One of the best new year’s resolutions that will help you stay healthy and maintain your body. Go on a walk, join the gym or just dance around – but stay active! 


3.“I will travel more” 

This new year’s resolution will help you experience new things that you will always cherish. 


4.“I will not stress” 

Something that should be on everyone’s new resolution list! Stress less in 2023 and enjoy life. 

Master a skill by the end of the year

5.“I will learn to play an instrument” 

One of the most common answers when anyone asks what’s your new year’s resolution! Pick a favorite instrument or a new skill and master it by the end of the year. 



6.“I will learn cooking/baking”

Cooking is a basic skill that everyone should learn. Learn new recipes in 2023 and include this skill in your list of new year resolution ideas. 


7.“I will maintain a journal”

It’s considered super healthy to pen down the daily happenings of your life. Cultivate this habit in 2023!


8.“I will save money”

A new year’s resolution idea that you will thank yourself for! Save a little money every month and make it a habit. 


9.“I will take a social media break”

Social media can be toxic sometimes and it is necessary to take regular breaks from it and keep a check on reality. 2023 can be the year you finally find a healthy balance between the two. 


10.“I will reduce using plastic”

Not just this, you can include multiple other environment-friendly habits to make 2023 a year where you did your bit for the world and its betterment. 


11.“I will read more books”

You need something to do when you take your social media breaks! Reading a book not only enhances your knowledge but also significantly improves your vocabulary. This is a great new year’s resolution idea! 

Drink safe water and track your water consumption

12.“I will drink more water” 

Safe drinking water is so important to maintain a healthy body. Doctors recommend a certain amount of water depending on the person and in 2023 make sure you always consume this amount of water! DrinkPrime water purifiers not only give you clean, safe and healthy drinking water but also help you track your water consumption. Know more about DrinkPrime >>  


13.“I will donate”

Donating to the less privileged is a very noble new year resolution to have. Donations can be through money or even old clothes that you do not use anymore! Start small, help somebody in need. 


14.“I will start investing” 

Saving money is great but learning to invest it and make money work for you is a skill you should definitely learn in 2023! 


15.“I will do volunteer work” 

There are so many organizations or clubs out there that would love some extra hands. Be the person to help someone out just out of humanity. 


16.“I will learn to drive a car”

Driving a car or riding a bike is a skill that will help you stop depending on others to take you around. Consider this a new year resolution idea to help in making yourself independent! 


17.“I will learn to swim”

Swimming is a sport that is not only relaxing but can also be a great way to keep yourself active and healthy. Who doesn’t like water anyway?

Quit smoking and drinking

18.“I will quit drinking/smoking”

Few habits are best left in 2022! Let 2023 be the year you work on a healthier version of yourself. 


19.“I will spend more time with my family”

Nothing comes before family. 2023 can be the year you make an extra effort to spend more time with them and show them your love and appreciation. 


20.“I will try new restaurants/dishes”

How many times do we go to the same restaurant and try out the same thing over and over again? Spice up 2023, try new things! 


21.“I will take care of a plant”

Plants are a great addition to your home or even your office table. It will teach you a sense of responsibility. Add this to your list of new year’s resolution ideas! 

Enjoy your own company

22.“I will only hang out with good company”

The people we surround ourselves with play a huge role in our lives. Cut off ties with everyone negative next year and only surround yourself with people that inspire you to do better. 


23.“I will do a solo trip”

Traveling solo teaches you to be independent on so many levels! Pick a spot you always wanted to go to and enjoy your own company. 


24.“I will talk less, listen more” 

Everyone wants to talk but no one really listens to what people have to say! Pick this new year’s resolution idea and truly try to understand others. 


25.“I will dress better”

Looking good is an easy way to feel good! Learn to dress for the occasion and watch your confidence grow. 


26.“I will stop procrastinating” 

A new year’s resolution idea that will help you get all your tasks done on time! Procrastination will only build up your work and nothing will get done. In 2023, make a choice to be less lazy and get things done! 


27.“I will learn to say NO” 

Let us leave our people pleasing in 2022. 2023 will be the year you make decisions for yourself and your mental health. Learn to say ‘No’ whenever necessary. 


28.“I will work on a side hustle” 

A side hustle can be a passion you follow or an amazing business idea made a reality. This is an easy way to make some extra bucks in 2023! 


29.“I will listen to new music/watch different genres of movies”

Expand your horizons and add this to your list of new year’s resolution ideas. Try listening to new music and watching movies outside your comfort zone. 

Take breaks

30.“I will take breaks” 

Let 2023 be the year you love and take care of yourself! Don’t forget to take breaks every now and then to not overwhelm yourself. 

Liked any of the above near year’s resolutions? Then note it down and get a head start on them. There are only a few more days left for the new year! You can also share these with a friend or family, pick the same goals and keep each other accountable! 


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