It is no secret that water is the cornerstone of life, a precious resource required for our fluid balance and daily sustenance. From helping our brain function optimally to regulating our body’s temperature, this powerful, plain tasting liquid is extremely essential to our overall well-being and health.

Everybody knows the importance of staying hydrated, but did you know about the new trend that has taken the world of water by storm : Alkaline water?

But is it worth the hype? In this blog, we delve into the science behind alkaline water, its benefits and its potential side effects, if any.

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What is alkaline water?

A super hydrating drink that offers many health benefits

In simple words, alkaline water is just like any other water ( made of hydrogen and oxygen) but with a slightly higher pH than normal. If you are wondering what pH is, it is a scale used to measure how alkaline or acidic your water is on a scale of 0 to 14. The terms acidic and alkaline are often used to describe a liquid based on its pH.

Normal drinking water has a pH level of 7 which is considered neutral. If the pH level is lower than 7, the liquid is generally considered acidic. Alkaline water on the other hand has a pH range of 8 to 9 making it basic in nature. It is this water’s alkaline properties that seek to offer a multitude of health benefits- from regulating the body’s pH levels to protection against chronic diseases and even weight loss.

That’s why alkaline water is now being touted as the new miracle beverage by health enthusiasts and celebrities alike!

Is alkaline water good for health

Since the pandemic, more and more people across the globe have become conscious of their mental and physical health. With individuals actively seeking out healthier options, alkaline water has increased in popularity as a better alternative to normal water.

But whether alkaline water is truly beneficial still remains a matter of debate among the scientific community. However, some studies have suggested that it can hydrate us better than normal water- even lower blood pressure and regulate sugar levels in some individuals.

The idea that this special water has medicinal properties can be attributed to its high pH levels as compared to other types of water. Advocates of alkaline water are very vocal about its many health-giving ‘claims’ such as improved oxygen supply, detoxification of the body and elimination of free radicals.

On the other hand, research also shows alkaline water can have adverse effects on people suffering from certain illnesses, especially those with kidney issues. Additionally, this type of water can cause vomiting, disorientation and even nausea in some individuals if consumed excessively.

What are the benefits of alkaline water? 

Here are some of the well-known alkaline water benefits for our health:

Neutralizing acid content in the body

Drinking alkaline water is said to prevent excess acid formation in the body, reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases such as osteoporosis and even cancer.

Improved hydration

When compared to ordinary water, this miracle beverage( with its high levels of hydrogen) is known for being a super hydrating drink as it is better absorbed by our bodies.

Rich in antioxidants

Many nutritionists claim that alkaline water contains antioxidants that help to eliminate or prevent free radicals formation that cause cellular damage.

Gives a healthy glow to skin

Alkaline water is believed to provide numerous skin benefits owing to its anti-aging and detoxifying properties that help maintain a youthful appearance, everyday.

Aiding in digestion

Not only does it help dilute acidity levels in the stomach but it also promotes the growth of good microorganisms, keeping your gut healthy.

Maintains healthy bones

Consuming alkaline water can also offer several nutritional benefits as it is highly rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are crucial for optimal bone health.

Alkaline water side effects and risks

As mentioned above, alkaline water does have several health benefits associated with it, provided you regulate its consumption.

But does that mean you should swap your regular water with alkaline water? The answer is no. While it may have a high mineral content and offer great hydration, drinking too much of this may have some side effects and pose serious risks to your health.

Significantly alters the body’s delicate balance

If you drink too much of Alkaline water, there is a risk of disrupting the body’s natural pH balance which can result in a condition called metabolic alkalosis( the acid-base balance goes for a toss).

Risk for minor to major symptoms

Very often, alkaline water can cause mental fog, muscle spasms and nausea. While these are less severe issues, there is a chance of you suffering from major health troubles like coma or paralysis.

Hampers nutrient absorption

Some findings demonstrate this water’s ability to interfere with the body’s absorption of important minerals such as calcium and iron- two potent nutrients vital for healthy teeth and bones.

Highly reactive to certain medicines

Doctors often recommend not to consume alkaline water before taking certain medications such as antacids as it sometimes reduces the efficacy of the medicine.

Looking at the risks associated with alkaline water, it is evident that more research is required to determine its effects on individuals in the long-term. 

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To drink or not to drink?

Don't forget to consult a professional before alkaline water

Yes, the type of water you are drinking can make a difference, but more importantly it is necessary to stay hydrated, everyday. Our bodies require a proper balance of fluids at all times to function properly and nature has provided us with her very own natural hydrator: our regular water.

So before you plan on incorporating alkaline water into your diet, make sure you consult a registered health professional or a certified doctor to take their advice.

And while alkaline water is trending right now, make sure you make a proper list of pros and cons before consuming it. Do not put your precious health at risk by buying into the latest fad without understanding the science and risks that come with it!

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