Old traditions have a way of making its way back to us. One such tradition is  drinking water out of copper vessels and bottles. Why was this metal so widely used back in the day and how come copper water is making a comeback now? What are the benefits of copper water? Read the whole blog for answers! 


Let’s first understand a little more about the metal itself – Copper. 

Did you know that it was one of the first elements known to man? From currency to household items copper was used everywhere! 

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Why copper water

What is copper water and why drink copper water?

Unlike its sister metals like lead and mercury, in trace amounts, copper is said to be super beneficial to our bodies. It is said that an adult requires at least 1.25 mg of copper for the optimum function of enzymes that facilitate energy transfer between cells. Moreover, it is also said to play a role in producing red blood cells and collagen in our bodies. Further, It is one of the only metals that is said to have anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-cariogenic properties. 


10 Health Benefits of Drinking Copper Water

Copper vessel water benefits are plenty! When water is stored in copper vessels or bottles for a long time, it can leach into the water a little, giving it a coppery taste. However, this water is considered good for you as it can help you meet your daily copper needs! Here are 10 important benefits of copper water that will get you to switch to copper vessels and bottles right away! 


1.Better digestion 

In the olden days, they would prescribe copper-based medicines as it was said to kill the germs in the stomach. Well, when the water is stored in a copper vessel or a bottle for a long time, the copper ion leaches into the water making it copper rich. This copper water further helps in the improved breaking down of food and metabolism. 


2.Delayed aging 

The metal is well known for its cell-forming abilities that may help in slowing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face and slow down the process of aging. 


3.Beats hypertension

A copper deficiency at a young age is said to lead to hypertension in the future. With sufficient copper in diet, the onset of hypertension can significantly be decreased. 


4.Regulates thyroid function 

Studies have shown that lack of copper can lead to the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. In sufficient amounts, thyroid is known to balance the thyroid inconsistencies. 


5.Aids in weight loss 

Weight loss and quick healing

The metal in trace amounts in the body is also known to get rid of that stubborn fat! It is a key contributor in keeping the body in fat-burning mode while resting! (However, consuming copper beyond the suggested limit can cause poisoning) 


6.Quick healing of wounds

One of the many benefits of drinking copper water are its healing properties. Being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial as well as being a crucial contributor in cell regeneration, copper can help in healing wounds quickly. 


7.Boosts immunity 

Similar to the above benefit, copper not only helps in healing outer wounds, but also helps in helping the body fight with infections internally. 


8.Fights infections

One of the many benefits of drinking water in copper bottles is that copper water was known for its virus killing properties in the ancient times and is still considered a good way to ensure that you are healthy internally.  


9.Reduces inflammation 

Copper is suggested to be included in the diets of people suffering from or at the risk of getting arthritis or inflamed joints. Its bone strengthening properties aid in giving some relief for the same. 


10.Improves cardiovascular health 

Do this if you are drinking copper water

One of the major benefits of copper water is that it enhances the blood flow to the heart by dilating the blood vessels. Its deficiency can in turn cause heart muscles dysfunction. 

What should you keep in mind while drinking copper water?

Like every good thing out there, copper water too has its limitations. Despite its benefits, it is afterall a metal that is necessary in trace amounts and consuming too much of this can lead to more harm than good. Here are somethings you can keep in mind before consuming copper water daily – 

  • Buy only pure copper vessels and bottles 
  • Don’t over drink the stored copper water 
  • Take breaks between consuming copper water so that the body can flush out excess copper if any. 


If you follow the above, and provide your body with the trace amount of copper it requires, you are sure to see results in a short period of time! 


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