Still using plastic bottles to store your daily water? Or worse, buying plastic bottled water every day for your drinking needs? 


What is bottled water and why is bottled water not good for you?

Water purified and packed in plastic bottles, sold at a high price like Rs. 10 for 1 Litre of water is bottled water. There are various brands of bottled water some that even sell at Rs. 100 at cinemas and certain restaurants! 


So, do you drink water from plastic bottles?

Here’s why you should stop doing it immediately! 

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 7 reasons to avoid packaged water


1.Unknown source 

The first and biggest red flag is that we never know where this bottled water comes from! What was the source? What is the method of purification? Has it even been filtered properly? You never know. 


2.High cost 

As mentioned before, depending on the brand and the place where you are buying your bottled water from, you can spend anywhere from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 on water! Water is a basic need, why should you pay such a high price for it? 


3.Not at all convenient 

Buying water bottle every time you require water is highly inconvenient. You can also end up at places where they don’t sell packed water! 


4.Different taste 

Every brand has a different taste that sometimes does not even taste like normal water. With so many brands selling water these days, brands want to stand out from the rest thus making different bottled water taste different. 


5.Negative affects on health 

Negative effects on health and environment

By now we all know that plastic has an adverse effects on our health. Using plastic bottles to store your water for a long time can lead to microplastics seeping into your daily drinking water which will in   m   turn have harmful long-term side effects on health. 


6.Harmful for the environment 

We all know that disposing of plastic is a huge environmental concern in the 21st century. We all need to make conscious efforts in reducing our plastic footprint on the Earth. Every bottled water you buy needs to be disposed of and this can take several years! 


7.Fake claims by brands 

And finally, brands have introduced several bottled water in the market that claim to have additives to make it healthier for you. But how healthy is this really? Naturally purified water already has most of the nutrients required by your body. So don’t fall for such claims where your water comes with many other chemicals and additives! 


Now that you know the disadvantages of plastic bottled water, here are two simple steps to avoid relying on them! 


  1. Get a water purifier! This solves half your problems. It is convenient, you can get water any time, any day and you know exactly the source of water and the purification system! 
  2. For water on the run – just buy a reusable metal bottle! Fill this water bottle with the safe water and take it with you! This way you are not only staying hydrated and healthy but also saving the environment! 


Think water purifiers are too expensive and don’t want to make the investment?

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