What’s the Cause of Worry in Your Tap Water?


Tap water – a source of water that is used by most of us. From washing vessels and veggies to taking a bath and washing clothes – we use tap water for several reasons. Why? It can be due to easy access or low cost. But this convenience comes with a price. 


Tap water only goes through basic levels of filtration before you use it at home and might still have several harmful chemicals, metals and other contaminants. While you can still use it to wash vessels and vehicles, using this water for drinking or other purposes is a big NO! 


While you can sense some contaminants in the water either because of taste, smell or the change in its properties, most other contaminants can go unnoticed and undetected. These, unfortunately, are the most harmful ones. Arsenic and fluoride are two major contaminants that are present in current sources of water be it at the ground level or surface level. These contaminants make tap water unsuitable for many of our daily activities, especially consumption. 


Have you ever thought about the effects of hard water on the skin? Or wondered if hard water is bad for your hair and nails? Let’s briefly take a look at how tap water damages your hair, skin and nails! 

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Can tap water damage your hair?

Losing more hair than usual

This is mainly noticed by people who move to metropolitan cities. The tap water is mostly hard. Using this water to wash your hair regularly can ultimately lead to a dry and flaky scalp and losing the texture of your hair. In the worst cases, you actually lose hair! 


How Does Tap Water Affect Your Skin?

Facing dry and flaky skin issues

The same tap water when used to wash your body and face on a daily basis can also be harmful. Not only can it dry out your skin, but it also does not lather well with soap and leaves a thin layer on your skin. This can be a major cause of premature aging 


How does water damage nails?

Brittle nails that keep breaking

Ever wondered why your nails suddenly turned brittle and started breaking easily? Well, your water might have a role to play in this scenario. Discoloration of nails can also be the cause of poorly filtered water. 


How Can You Minimize the Damage?


In this modern world, there is a solution for everything! And if you are facing the above-mentioned problems then we have a solution for you as well! In fact, there are two solutions – 


1 – Get tap filters. 

These can be directly attached to your taps or shower heads. This helps in filtering out any remaining contaminants in your tap water and ensuring you get clean water for your daily use. You can go a step further and get a filter that softens your water as well! 


The cons of tap filters 

You need a filter for every tap in the house, and this can get quite expensive. 

These filters need to be cleaned regularly, and doing this by yourself can get quite tedious. They might also need filter replacements. 

2.Get a customized water purifier 

This is the best, most effective and most affordable solution to every single water problem in your house. With a water purifier, you don’t have to depend on tap water ever again! 


The cons of a water purifier 

Traditional water purifiers can cost you a lot with their upfront investment and maintenance costs. Moreover, they have one set filter for all kinds of water meaning you can be left with either under-purified or over-purified water. 


This is why opt for a customized water purifier that has filters that suit your water quality. This ensures you get clean, safe and healthy water every single day! This water can then be used not just to drink but for all other activities. 


With DrinkPrime – customized water purifiers, you can now get access to safe water on rent and subscription basis! What’s more? DrinkPrime offers free services like delivery, installation, maintenance, filter changes and relocation! 


With plans starting at just Rs. 333*, this is the most affordable and efficient solution for all your water problems! 


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