Are you a person who prioritizes health over anything else? Are you drinking sufficient water? Is the water you are drinking safe and clean? How do you figure out which water is safe to drink? Are you also a person who trusts that water from plastic bottles is safe? Or are you a person who knows the pros of a water purifier and drinks water from it?


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Different types of contaminants in drinking water:


The water you drink, most times, is not safe for consumption. Hydration using unsafe or unclean water is worse than dehydration. Contaminated water might lead to various health issues. Decontamination isn’t just as simple as removing visibly unclean materials from water. It goes way beyond that.

Drinking water contaminants can be classified into 4 types:

Physical Contaminants


These are contaminants that are visible to the naked eye. It can be sand or dust or anything else. Consumption of this water might not cause serious health issues but it is still unhealthy. Along with the health factor, it is also seriously unappealing to look at. Water that is just physically contaminated is easy to clean; it is just a matter of filtration. But, most times, this is not the case. Water is contaminated more than the superficial level.


Chemical Contaminants

Biological contaminants are pathogenic microorganism

With the increase in chemical pollution in the environment, drinking water is contaminated aggressively. But, those natural causes are not the only reason for chemical contamination. It can also occur through human-related activities such as agriculture, mining, etc. These kinds of drinking water contaminants cannot be removed easily; there are various ways to remove these water contaminants. The chemical drinking water contaminants might even cause cancer or miscarriage. These include nitrogen, pesticides, salts, etc.


Biological Contaminants


These water contaminants are also referred to as pathogenic microorganisms. Simply put, these water contaminants are living organisms of a biological nature in the water. Biological contaminants could cause various types of problems to human health, such as Nervous system disorders, Respiratory system diseases, Brain problems, etc. The most common water contaminants biologically are bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts.


Radiological Contaminants


These drinking water contaminants are basically water that contains an unbalanced number of protons and neutrons which in turn results in unstable atoms. These occur naturally. Some of the contaminants include cesium, plutonium, and uranium. Consumption of water that is contaminated with radiological waste might result in cancer, liver damage and even death.


Ways to remove contaminants from drinking water


Now that the contaminants in drinking water are discussed, we shall discuss how to remove them. There are various effective ways to remove the contaminants in drinking water. Each different type of water contamination requires different treatment methods. Some of those methods are: Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Distillation Systems, UV Treatment systems.




Filtration is one of the basic types of filtering water from contaminants. It is basically filtering out the physical water contaminants for the most part. But, different types of filtration are used for different water contaminants. Some of the filtration methods are: Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nano filtration.


Reverse Osmosis


This is a more effective way of purifying drinking water. In the reverse osmosis process, a semipermeable membrane is used. Water passes through this membrane, which results in removing chemical contaminants as well. Switching to RO water purifiers can be a life changing decision.


Distillation Systems


Although distillation systems are effective to remove drinking water contaminants, it is a long long process. It takes up to 4-6 hours to provide clean drinking water. Basically, in the distillation method, clean water is evaporated leaving behind the impurities. This steam is later captured and condensed in a clean container.


UV Treatment Systems


Basically, in UV (Ultra Violet) treating systems, the water is passed through a UV treatment system, where water is exposed to UltraViolet rays of light which kills off microorganisms. UV system and filtration goes hand in hand, where in the UV lights kill the water contaminants and the filters later remove the contaminants.


How DrinkPrime addresses different water contaminants?


There are various different ways to kill the drinking water contaminants, most of which are effective. Although there are various ways, there is still a risk of over purification and under purification. As the name suggests, over purification is purifying the water too much and under purification is not purifying the drinking water enough.

This occurs when the same filtration process is used for all types of water. The thing is, not all water in all areas are the same. The water contamination levels change from place to place and so should the filtration methods.

This is where Drinkprime came up with a solution by providing different filters in each water purifier according to the place. The water contamination level is checked before installing the water purifier and the filtration processes are changed accordingly. DrinkPrime has four filters that are used according to requirement in each place and for each filter. The 4 filters are: Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Post Carbon Filter. These filters help in addressing the various water contaminants.

Usage of these different water filters according to the level of drinking water contamination is what makes DrinkPrime help in achieving its goal of ensuring Clean and Safe drinking water to all.


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Drinking water is a cruciual part of your life

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