Water is one of the critical elements that sustain human life. However, this precious commodity is not evenly distributed across the planet, which leads to an imbalance in the way that it is available to people across the world. This, in addition to the rise in environmental pollution, leads to the depletion of water resources. Thus, it becomes more difficult for you to get access to safe drinking water as each year passes. 


This is where advanced water purification can make a difference. Here, we delve into the importance and different processes involved in advanced water purification, particularly those employed by DrinkPrime. 


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What is the importance of advanced water purification?


  • Water is one of the key natural resources essential for human survival on the planet. But water disparity is a major problem the world over, manifesting as droughts and lack of rainfall. Access to safe water is a privilege not given to everyone, which leads to a host of deadly diseases.


  • Advanced water purification is the process of water purification, using state-of-the-art treatments available, which produces the best quality drinking water. Although a plethora of technologies are used, most systems around the world use a combination of technology which involves three processes, Reverse osmosis, microfiltration UV light, or advanced oxidation.


  • It is one of the key focus areas of Environmental engineering, which is a discipline that aims to provide engineering-based solutions to the environmental issues faced by humankind. They aim to enhance the quality of life by attempting to renew and restore the balance of the ecosystem. Environmental engineering can help streamline this disparity in water distribution and offer valuable insights on how best to utilize this precious resource.


  • Environmental engineers play a key role in regulating the best water purification systems, which produce safe drinking water. They also establish processes for handling wastewater, analyze current processes, discover flaws, and rectify them.

What are the processes used in advanced water purification?

Drinkprime uses a combination of filters RO, Sediment , per-carbon and post-carbon

Reverse osmosis 

In this method, contaminants are removed from dirty water when pressure forces it through a semipermeable membrane. Applied pressure overcomes the osmotic pressure to push the water from the heavily concentrated side with more contaminants to the less concentrated side. The semipermeable membrane prevents the contaminants from passing through, leaving you with pure water.

It is used to take groundwater and make it safe for your consumption. Without this method, you would not be able to drink ground water safely. Reverse osmosis is also used to desalinate the ocean water where the salt from the seawater is removed, leaving behind fresh water. It is also useful in recycling water and wastewater treatment.


Membrane filtration

In this method particles are separated from water, to create other beverages like beer, juices, etc. This method is often employed to improve food quality.

There are different types of membrane filtration like nanofiltration, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, and microfiltration. Different filtration methods are used to tackle different-sized particles. For example, Saltwater has one of the smallest particles, so reverse osmosis is employed whereas the particles in river water are usually bigger, hence microfiltration is preferred.

It helps purify and concentrate a lot of food products, from juices and beer to dairy products. So, this process is employed in different stages in the food and beverage development, to help produce safe products for your consumption. 

Water oxidation


In water oxidation, water is stripped down to its original elements, namely hydrogen and oxygen.


The elements thus separated can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, oxygen thus formed is used wherever there is a need for oxygen. Like filling up oxygen cylinders for hospitals. 


Hydrogen is being considered as an alternate fuel source in an age where air pollution and climate change are stark realities that we must deal with. 


What are the processes employed by DrinkPrime for its advanced water purification?

We started DrinkPrime with the intention of helping you get access to safe drinking water, without depending on unhygienic and unreliable water cans. The water quality in every area differs, even within the same city, and this has a huge bearing on the quality of water after purification. DrinkPrime water purification is a personalized water purification system, based on the quality of input water in your area. 


DrinkPrime water purifier employs a variety of advanced filtration systems which work in tandem, to provide you with safe drinking water.


Sediment filter


An advanced sediment filter is employed, which is different from the normally found cheap, melt-blown cartridges. It boasts of a food-grade polypropylene yarn wound multi-layer sediment, which also has a high dust-holding capacity. These custom-made filters are designed to remove even the smallest suspended matter thus producing clean output water.

Pre-carbon filter


These filters use the adsorption method to eliminate bad odor, taste, and organic impurities like pesticides, chlorine, potentially cancer-causing products, etc. from water. They are composed of food-grade natural coconut shell-activated carbon, which has a high iodine value. The bacteriostatic activated carbon used is custom-made and undergoes a plethora of rigorous quality tests.


RO membrane


This membrane helps to remove pathogens, salt, lead, etc. from water. DrinkPrime uses a high-quality polyamide membrane that is chlorine-resistant. This also reduces the chemical and microbiological contaminants to acceptable limits. 


Post carbon silver activated filter


These cartridges are made of bacteriostatic silver, filled with activated carbon. This helps to improve the taste of water along with preventing the growth of microorganisms in the filter. It helps to provide a more natural-tasting output water. 

DrinkPrime uses different combinations of these state-of-the-art filters depending on the quality of your input water.


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Waterborne infections can lead to dangerous diseases

Getting access to safe drinking water for you and your family is a factor that should not be taken lightly. Waterborne infections can lead to a host of dangerous ailments which can be fatal. It is imperative that you do your research and identify a water purification solution that is practical for you. And if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, DrinkPrime offers a variety of plans, based on your water consumption needs, while saving you from heavy investments. We also offer customisation- making sure each DrinkPrime is custom-built with filters according to your area’s water quality.


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