The importance of drinking enough water might be something that has been drilled into you since childhood and it turns out that your mother was right. Staying amply hydrated is crucial for your well-being. In current times, the poor quality of water available through civic sources has amplified the need for an RO purifier. How many times have you found yourself unable to choose a model that fits your budget, water needs, and most importantly your source water quality? Do you find yourself confused with all the heavy technological jargon and claims? Does frequent relocation find you opting for bottled water out of sheer convenience? 


If this is you, then fret not, there is a better option to solve all these problems, RO water purifier subscriptions. In this blog, we delve into the nitty gritty of a water purifier subscription and how it could be a game changer for your family’s drinking water needs.

Drinkprime water purifier on subscription

Why should you rent out a water purifier?

Renting a water purifier removes the extra cost

A subscription-based water purifier may be a smart move to ensure uninterrupted access to safe drinking water, with minimum effort on your part. Here are some reasons why renting water purifiers may be a good idea.




Buying an advanced technology purifier is an expensive affair and will most likely eat into your budget. Along with purchase cost you also need to factor in overheads like installation and maintenance costs. Renting a water purifier eliminates all these costs including upfront payments. You only need to pay a low monthly rental, thus allowing you to stay within your budget.


Convenient and flexible


Water purifier subscriptions allow you the flexibility to factor in sudden life changes, like relocation to a new place. You can switch to a new purification system without the hassle of transportation and damages, as there is no long-term commitment.


More choices


Once you buy a purifier, you are locked into the model for a long time unlike rentals, where you have the option to change your purifier, if it is not a good fit for you, we at DrinkPrime provide a 7-day trial period, where you can return your water purifier and get the entire amount refunded. Also, after your subscription period, you can upgrade to a higher model without any added expenses. 


No extra costs


Installation, maintenance, and delivery costs are borne by the provider The company takes care of all the repairs, saving you time, effort, and money.  Companies like DrinkPrime even offer free lifetime maintenance and filter charges. 


How do water purifier rentals work?


Water purifier rentals allow you to get access to pure water easily, with minimum hassles and the least expenses, whatever your location. Here is how it works.


1. Subscription model


Most of them work on a subscription model, where you pay a monthly amount depending on the amount of water that you consume. There is no upfront payment levied, which makes it extremely budget-friendly.


2. Variety of subscription plan to choose from


The water purifier subscription company usually has a variety of plans from which you can choose the plan suited for you. For example, there are a single plan, a couple plans, a family of four plan, or an unlimited plan in DrinkPrime, to ensure that you only pay according to your water requirements.


3. Choosing the model of water purifier


Once you zero in on your desired plan you can then choose the model of purifier suited to you. Companies like DrinkPrime assess your source water and customize a model, with filters best suited to purify the source water which is unique to your area. This ensures that you don’t end up with over or under-purified water as is the case with most standard purifiers. 


The next step is to upload your ID proofs and documents and make the payments. The product will be delivered and installed in your home by the company for your immediate use.


4. No servicing costs


Most water purifier subscription companies ensure that maintenance and servicing costs are borne by them during the subscription period, thus saving you from this additional hassle.  DrinkPrime subscription models go one step further and offer lifetime maintenance and free filter changes, while their IoT-enabled App tracks the health of your device in real-time and will give you periodic service alerts.


5. Convenient return policy


Most Subscription-based water purifier companies also allow you to return the device after the subscription period and some of them even have a no-lock policy where you can cancel your subscription at any time without hefty cancellation charges. This is a boon for people who constantly relocate, due to personal or professional reasons.


Why is a water purifier subscription a smart investment for nuclear families?


If you are part of a small family, your water requirements will be less than that of a joint family with more members. Then why should you pay for more water than you consume? This is exactly why water purifier rentals make sense for a nuclear family.


1. Pay for what you consume


In a water purifier subscription service, you only pay for the water that you consume. You can choose a plan that is in sync with your family’s water requirements and save unnecessary expenditure that comes with a standard purifier.


2. Choose from different payment models


You can choose your payment mode according to your budget. There are annual, bi-annual, quarterly, and monthly payment models available with most reputed water rental companies like DrinkPrime.


3. No upfront costs


With no upfront costs and zero installation, delivery, maintenance, and relocation costs, subscription models like a DrinkPrime subscription allow you to take advantage of the advanced technology water purifiers at unbelievably low costs. 


4. Get 100% safe+ perfectly-purified water


With subscription services like DrinkPrime, you can be rest assured that your water purifier for small families is customized to the water quality in your area. This helps you get perfectly purified water rather than over or under-purified water.


Get 7 Days Risk Free Trial



Low-cost subscription plans

With low-cost subscription plans, flexible options for cancellation, payment tailored to water consumption, and free services, water purifier rentals are a smart choice for couples staying on rent or small families who are constantly relocating and bachelors as well. With DrinkPrime, you can get access to pure water, irrespective of your location, without additional expenditure or effort. It is a win-win situation, however, you look at it!

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