In an age where migrating to a different city for higher studies or a job is considered a standard practice, relocation costs are a burden most so us wish we could reduce. It is no wonder then that the concept of water purifier rental seems so appealing. Shelling out a heavy investment in gadgets, when you are unsure about the duration of your stay, compounded with the transporting and maintenance costs, makes making use of subscription services a no-brainer.


An aspect that you cannot choose to ignore, no matter what city you find yourself in, is getting access to safe drinking water. Staying hydrated is imperative to lead a healthy life and contaminated water can lead to a host of health issues.  This is where a water purifier subscription can be of help. 


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How does the water purifier rental work?


RO water purifier on rent is a budget-friendly and smart way to enjoy uninterrupted access to pure water, irrespective of your location. 


1. Look for a brand best suited for your needs


The water purifier market is filled with a variety of purifiers, each with its own unique advantages. The cost varies with the levels of technology employed. For example, a UV+RO+UF, TDS purifier will be more expensive than a mineral-graded purifier. Renting this purifier ensures that you do not pay for the machine, as well as installation or maintenance costs, while you enjoy pure water.


2. Opt for a subscription Model 


Rentals work on a subscription model, where you only pay for the water that you have consumed. There are no upfront payments, only a monthly rent, thus making it budget-friendly.

3. Choose your subscription plan

Once you have chosen the model, you can avail of a plan depending on your need, upload your ID proofs, and make payment. The company will deliver and install the device at your home, and you can start using it immediately.


Most subscription-based water purifier companies take complete responsibility for servicing and maintenance of the system during the rental period, thus ensuring that you do not have to go through those hassles. 


4. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience 


By renting, you have the flexibility of returning the device to the company, once your rental period is over. Many companies also operate with a no-lock-in period, which allows you to cancel your subscription anytime without cancellation charges. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about transporting the device on your next move. 


The DrinkPrime Advantage: Why DrinkPrime water purifier is a cut above other water purifier rental services.


Let’s have a look at what makes DrinkPrime as a brand unique:


1. Easy on your pocket


DrinkPrime, one of the pioneers in the water purifier rental industry in India, was started with a mission to make safe drinking water easily available. Due to the overload of contaminants, access to safe water remains a dream for many people in our country, especially for people who relocate for professional commitments.  We are trying to help bridge this gap, by providing safe drinking water which is well within your budget. 


2. Customized filters for you

With DrinkPrime subscription, you only pay for the water you consume

The water quality differs from place to place, even within the same city, and water cans are an unreliable source of drinking water. Our water purifiers are not like your regular RO purifier. It provides customized water filters that are tailor-made to address the water problems in your area.

3. Several subscription plans to choose from


With a DrinkPrime subscription, you only pay for the water that you consume. They have a variety of plans to suit your water requirements. From a solo plan, which is perfect if you are single, a couple plan, a family of four plan, to an unlimited plan, there is a plan for everyone.


4. Choose a payment plan 


You can also choose your payment mode, on different timelines, like annual, quarterly annual, or monthly, depending on your budget. The higher your subscription plan the less you pay. For example, if you take an unlimited subscription plan, you enjoy unlimited liters of water at no additional cost, as against 1 Rs per litre for every additional litre that you consume, in the family of 4 plan, which has the upper limit of 6000 liters per annum. 


5. EXTRA services at no EXTRA cost


With no upfront costs, delivery, installation, relocation costs, and free maintenance, DrinkPrime offers you a budget-friendly and convenient way to access safe drinking water, while availing of a state-of-the-art personalized RO purifier, tailormade to address the water issues in your locality.  A security deposit of Rs 1500 is levied which is completely refunded when you return the device. 


6. Super-fast 48 hour installation


Once you zero in on a plan to suit your needs, all you need to do is submit your details and make the payment and you will have your machine installed in 48 hours, to enjoy uninterrupted access to safe drinking water.


7. 7-day Free Trial 


DrinkPrime also offers a unique 7-day trial. In the rare instance that this product is not a good fit for you, you can return it back within 7 days and get the entire amount that you have paid, refunded. No questions asked.


8. IoT-enabled, smart water purifier


DrinkPrime makes use of IoT, to continuously monitor the health of your device and proactively schedule maintenance activities. It also sends you recharge alerts, so that you don’t forget to recharge your plan. You can download the app, to view your water consumption details and monitor the health of your device in real-time. You can also make payments and schedule maintenance through the app, making this a seamless activity. 


A comparative analysis of DrinkPrime and other purifier rentals


DrinkPrime Other Purifiers
The quality of waterPerfectly purified due to customized filters depending on the water quality.Over or under purified. 
Cost of buying the productZeroRs. 20,00+ purchase cost.
Installation costZeroMay vary depending on the product.
Maintenance costZeroMay go up to Rs. 5000 per annum.
Per liter water costA low as Rs. 1 per liter. May vary from Rs. 3 to Rs. 5 per liter.
After-sales serviceProactively schedules servicing.The customer must manually raise a request.


Get 7 Days Risk Free Trial



Renting a water purifier offers best of high-tech water purifier and clean drinking water

Although water purifiers on rent are a relatively new concept, it is fast becoming popular due to the convenient and budget-friendly options it provides. This concept offers the best of both worlds, as you get to use a high-tech water purifier and get access to clean drinking water, without hefty investments and the hassle of maintenance and servicing. As always, it is important that you do your research before arriving at a decision.

 If you are looking for a brand trusted by over 1 lakh+  subscribers across major cities, then look no further than DrinkPrime! Choose your desired plan here:

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