With the current levels of water pollution in India, it is a given that the water we get at home is contaminated and unfit for human consumption without filtration. Boiling water was once the most trusted method of purifying water but with lives getting busier people have been turning to water purifiers for safe drinking water. RO water purifiers have especially been in demand in the past couple of years. But a major responsibility that comes along with this is the water purifier maintenance! 


But why trust a water purifier in the first place? Apart from being super convenient, an RO water purifier comes with several other benefits. 

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Benefits of an RO water purifier 


Safe drinking water guaranteed 

The most important benefit and the reason why people trust an RO water purifier is that it provides you with the safest drinking water. Through the reverse osmosis process, it gets rid of most contaminants, chemicals, viruses and parasites that plague today’s water sources. 

Safe drinking water

Easy to use 

With an RO filter installed at home, people can just trust it to filter their water, store and use it whenever they want to. It barely takes up any electricity or space. 


Sweet taste of water 

And finally, the best benefit of them all – the taste of your water! With other water sources like tap water or plastic water cans, it is not just the water quality that differs from time to time, even the taste is affected. But with an RO filter, you don’t have to worry about this! 



Why is RO water purifier maintenance important? 

You can enjoy all of the above benefits of an RO water purifier only when it is serviced from time to time and maintained well. Otherwise, the RO filters may be unable to efficiently do its job and fail to provide you with safe drinking water. This is the reason why RO water purifier maintenance becomes crucial. And if you are an RO water purifier owner, then go ahead and read tips for easy RO water purifier maintenance at home! 


8 Tips for RO water purifier maintenance at home

First, it is important to understand that the duration and the type of RO water purifier maintenance differ from device to device. This depends on the quality of water, time of usage and frequency of usage as well. 


Periodic filter changes 

This goes for all kinds of filtration techniques and not just an RO water purifier. Filters can get clogged after a certain time period or depending on the quality of water. Hence, when you get a water purifier, always note down the suggested timeline for its filters and ensure that you keep up with its maintenance. 


Cleaning the RO membrane 

This membrane is ideally replaced every year. This makes the RO water purifier RO so it is super important to keep in check the efficiency of this membrane. 


Replacing sediment and carbon filters 

This is one of the first filters in the water purifier that blocks out larger particles. If this filter is not kept in check or replaced at least once a year, the larger particles can go through the filter and damage the fine RO membrane. The carbon filter is responsible for mainly removing the chlorine from water. It is suggested to replace these filters at least once a year. However, if you find your water tasting or smelling like Chlorine, it might be time to check this filter. 

Replace sediments and carbon filters


Keeping drips and leakages in check

The moment you notice a leak it is time to call for a quick service as this is a major red flag! Don’t try to DIY stop leaks at home and it can affect the efficiency of your water purifier and its purification process. 


Sanitizing the tank 

A lot of factors can result in the poor functioning of your filters. The water purifier as a whole needs to be kept clean for all of its parts, including the filters, to work efficiently. If you maintain the water purifier as a whole, its internal pipes and parts, chances are that your filters can have a prolonged life span. 


Being aware of your water quality  

Sometimes, the water can get more contaminated than usual owing to the weather or other external factors. During such times, the filters can get choked as it has to do more work than usual. In such cases, a replacement time might be around the corner. 

Beaware of water quality

Quality service  

It is also important to get your water purifier checked and serviced by professionals and not just anybody. Ensure they use good quality replacements and do a good job in servicing the water purifier as it is responsible for giving you safe drinking water. 


Proactive maintenance 

But the best tip of all? Proactive water purifier maintenance! With recent IoT technologies, several companies keep a check on the health of the water purifier. They can predict when your filter needs a replacement even before something goes wrong, thus prolonging the life of the filters and in turn the device itself. 


Best low-maintenance water purifier in India

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