RO water purifier filter –  has been the talk of the town for a while now. Water purifiers that use the Reverse Osmosis process of filtration are considered the most efficient and cost-effective method to get access to clean, safe and healthy drinking water. But did you know that RO water filters need to be maintained from time to time? This is to ensure it continues giving you pure water at all times. But how long do water filters last and what happens if you don’t change your RO water purifier filters from time to time? Read on to know more! 

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Why change RO water filter? 

Water filters help in blocking all sorts of contaminants from the input water source and leave you with clean, safe and healthy drinking water. Over a period of time, these contaminents can clog up and reduce the efficiency of the filters. This can lead to under-purification of your drinking water. 

Avoid under-purification of water

What happens if the RO water filter is not changed?

Changing RO water filter might obviously not be the first thing in your mind always. However, you can look our for signs which can mean your RO water filter needs a replacement or servicing! 

Change in water quality 

The most obvious sign that there is something wrong with your RO water filter is that you can see visible changes in your water or even in its taste or odor. This means the filters have stopped working to its full potential and are lagging due to clogs or other issues. 

Drop in water pressure and change in water quality

Water pressure drop 

The subsequent results of clogged filters can also turn into water dispensing at a much slower rate than usual. This is a sign that your filters are choked and immediately need to be replaced. 

Higher TDS levels 

This might not be a very sign as we don’t usually check for TDS on a normal basis. But if you do, you will notice that TDS levels are much higher when your filters stop working normally. High TDS levels means your drinking water is not fit for consumption. This is why you should always be aware of the water you drink and keep your filters maintained well. 

And finally, the last sign that your filters need a replacement is when it completely breaksdown! 

But why wait for such an incident to occur?

How often do you need to change RO water filters?

Although very powerful and efficient, RO filters need to be replaced. However, this may depend on usage and the quality of the filter. A larger family uses the water purifier twice the time than a single person. The RO water filter in the water purifier used by the larger family may need to be replaced much earlier and much more often than the latter. Additionally, in areas where water has a very poor quality or high TDS levels, the filters might get choked sooner, owning to the contmaninents. 

Some of the most common problems faced by people, however, is one of these three things, 

  • They are not sure when the filters need to be replaced before it is too late 
  • Filter changes or maintenance can be very heavy on the pocket 
  • As people might not know how to clean RO water filter, they need to wait days to find a technician that can effectively fix the filters and replace it with quality filters

One solution to all these above problem? 

DrinkPrime – India’s smartest water purifier on rent trusted by 1lakh + people! 

How does DrinkPrime help?

Free maintenance and filter changes

Affordable – 

With DrinkPrime, there is no upfront investment as you don’t buy the water purifier you rent it! The smart plans start as low as ₹333* ! Additionally, you get FREE services like delivery, installation, maintenance, filter changes and relocation! 

IoT-enabled and smart – 

It is a smart water purifier that uses a combination of IoT technology and AI to monitor water quality and water purifier health. This means you are always ensured of pure drinking water and don’t have to wait until it is too late! 

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