In the past decades, the quality of water available for consumption has deteriorated rapidly. Whether you depend on civic sources for your source water or borewells, most of them are severely contaminated. There might be a variety of pathogens, traces of heavy metals, mineral deposits, etc., in the source water. If not purified properly, you may be susceptible to waterborne infections and other diseases. This is why water purifiers have morphed into an important part of households globally. Most advanced purifiers deal with contaminants in your source water and ensure continuous access to pure drinking water.

Water purifiers on rent are the new way to get access to pure water in a budget-friendly way. In this article, we compare buying vs renting a purifier, explore the benefits of water purifier rentals, and show you how to choose a rental plan that is ideal for your needs.

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Renting vs buying a water purifier

  • Budget-friendly: Buying a water purifier is expensive, with hefty appliance costs compounded by installation and maintenance costs. When you rent a water purifier, you are saved from making all these investments. Even installation and maintenance expenses are taken care of by the rental company, and all you pay is an initial deposit and a monthly subscription charge based on the amount of water you consume monthly.
  • Easier maintenance: When you buy a water purifier, most companies ask you to enter an AMC contract, which can be costly. Also, you must schedule maintenance and filter replacements and arrange repairs yourself, which can be cumbersome. With water purifier monthly subscription schemes, the brand takes care of appliance repairs in the event of a malfunction. It does consistent servicing and filter replacements, saving time and money.
  • Access to the latest technology: When you buy a water purifier, you are stuck with that appliance for many years, for better or worse. Advanced model water purifiers can optimize purification depending on your unique water challenges. Rental purifiers give you the option of upgrading to a better model without any additional expense on your part. Many purifier companies do not even have a lock-in period, and you can return your old purifier and upgrade to the latest model with minimum inconvenience and expense. 
  • Convenience: When you own a water purifier, shifting to a new location is quite a tedious process that involves logistics and reinstallation. Rental purifiers save you from this hassle, as you simply return this appliance and rent a new one in your new location, thus ensuring convenience and peace of mind. This is especially useful if you are in a transferrable job or are in a temporary location since there is no long-term commitment. You can access pure water without depending on unreliable and unhygienic water cans.
  • Professional advice: When you choose a water purifier monthly plan, you will get the expert guidance of the professionals from the start. You will also be guided throughout your contract period regarding maintenance, repairs, timely filter changes, etc. and you will get ongoing assistance whenever needed. 

Benefits of rental water purifiers

  • Optimal purification: When you do not want to invest in a costly water purifier, the next alternative for most people is to choose bottled water or boil your source water. There is always a doubt about the hygiene levels of bottled water as purification methods are not transparent and boiling only removes microorganisms. The microplastic pollution and environmental plastic pollution are other major factors of concern. Rental purifiers ensure access to pure water with the latest technology purifiers within your budget, making it a better choice.
  • Cost: The biggest advantage of the best water purifier for rent is that it does not require you to invest much money, including maintenance, installation, or rental activation. It can be a boon for students in temporary locations as it is budget-friendly. The safety deposit you pay is also refundable, provided there is no appliance damage.
  • Flexibility: Water purifier rentals are a good option if your job requires constant transfers or you travel frequently. You can pause your subscription plan and resume it once you are back. Relocation is also not a problem, as you can return the device and rent a fresh one in your new location or transfer it to your location.
  • No resale hassles: Unlike owning a purifier, where you must ensure proper resale value and locate a buyer before buying a new one, in the rental system, you simply return the appliance and get a new model.

How to choose the right rental plan

  • Purification: A water purifier’s primary function is optimal purification. So, test your source water, determine the contaminants, and choose a purification system that is best suited to deal with it rather than going for a generic model.
  • Capacity: Determine your family’s water requirements and match them to the purifier’s capacity, the amount of water it can hold, and the filtration rate, which denotes how fast it can remove impurities from water. A larger water requirement translates to a higher filtration rate requirement.
  • Maintenance: Be cognizant of whether routine maintenance and filter changes are covered under your rental agreement.
  • Vendor lock-in: Ensure that your vendor does not have a lock-in period by which you will be bound by the contract to rent it for that period. Also, ensure that your vendor does not limit water usage, or you will pay more for the extra liters you consume, which can wreck your budget.
  • Flexibility: Ensure that your lease agreement offers you flexibility regarding appliance upgrades and short-term rental choices in cases of unforeseen circumstances. 


Getting access to pure drinking water is essential, regardless of your living circumstances. Relying on bottled water is not only unreliable but can also be unhygienic. Renting the best water purifier for your home allows you to utilize the latest technology and ensures uninterrupted access to clean water. The added advantage of maintenance and servicing coverage keeps the purifier in top condition.

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