Did you know that drinking enough water is the single most powerful habit that can benefit your health immensely? Although our planet is covered with almost seventy percent water, it is one of nature’s cruel ironies, that only three percent of this water can actually be used, whether it’s for consumption or agricultural purposes.


Due to the indiscriminate use of chemicals and pollutants, the water we actually receive through civic sources is also heavily contaminated with pathogens, as well as traces of heavy metals like arsenic and lead. This water, if consumed regularly, can lead to many health issues which may even prove to be fatal. This is why it becomes so important that you use a tap water filter at home so that you can get access to safe drinking water. In this blog, we examine whether it is safe for you to consume filtered tap water and the multiple benefits of using a tap water filter at home.


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Is filtered tap water good for your health?


Water truly is the elixir of life, as it supports a plethora of your body functions, from regulating your body temperature, and replenishing your cells with adequate oxygen to ensuring a healthy digestive system.  It is important that you ensure that the water that you hydrate your body with, is safe from contaminants. If you compromise on this one aspect, you will not only end up with foul-tasting and smelling water which is unpalatable but you will also be exposing your body to deadly water-borne diseases.


What do tap filters do?


Tap filter filters all the organic and inorganic impurities along with heavy metals and pathogens. This is especially important for children who have underdeveloped immune systems. The enhanced taste also ensures that children consume enough water. Since filtered water improves the taste of tap water, food and beverages cooked with it will taste better and fresher.


Filtered water is beneficial for health as besides making your source water pollutant-free, it also contains minerals that are beneficial for the health of your body. Filtered water along with removing pollutants also removes pathogens like bacteria, which cause stomach upsets. This ensures that you and your family can remain healthy and hydrated without the fear of waterborne infections. 


What are the benefits of using a water filter at your home?

Advantages of using tap water filters

By now you must be aware of the dangers of consuming water directly from the tap. It contains a plethora of pathogens and pollutants which can affect your health. Ensuring that you get access to safe drinking water is as important as making sure that you remain amply hydrated throughout the day. Here are some benefits you can achieve by using a tap filter at your home.


1. Tap filter removes chemicals and contaminants


The water that you source from taps undergoes many treatment processes which means that chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, etc. are present in water in varied quantities. Although this mainly removes pathogens such as bacteria from the source water, these chemicals pose a variety of health hazards if you directly consume them.


Some sections of the population like children and elderly people with compromised immunities, are more susceptible to the ill effects of these chemicals. The best tap water filters available in the market today ensure that the water that you receive after filtration is free from a variety of pathogens, organic and inorganic impurities as well as heavy metals and chemicals, thus making it safe for you to consume.


2. Tap water gives better taste and odor


One of the advantages of using tap water filters is that along with filtering your water it also dramatically improves its taste and odor. Tap water has that distinct smell and taste of chlorine, whereas distilled water has that bland, sterile, laboratory-like taste that can be unpalatable. The enhanced sense of freshness and flavor of filtered water will ensure that you get more satisfaction from each glass of water that you consume.


3. Multiple health benefits


Tap water filters, while filtering off contaminants ensure that the important minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. which are beneficial for your health, are retained in the water. Drinking this mineral-charged water has a variety of benefits like skin hydration, nutrient absorption, aiding digestion, and detoxification among other benefits. 


4. Water filters are low on maintenance and easy to use


The main advantage of these systems is that they are easy to install and use. From compact under-sink units that free up counter space, to whole-house filtration systems, there is one to suit your every need. You can customize it to suit your requirements and the hassle-free maintenance proves to be the icing on the cake.


5. Water filters are environmentally friendly


Bottled water for all the convenience it offers is one of the topmost contributors to plastic pollution in the world. The fact that it has been proven to leach microplastics in the water makes the case against using it even stronger. Using water filters is the single most powerful step to counter the ill effects of plastic bottle pollution, as it reduces the number of bottles that end up in landfills every year. The fact that it gives water free of contaminants including microplastics, is an added bonus. 


6. Surprisingly affordable


This is all very fine but don’t water filters require heavy expenses? The surprising answer to that question is that filtered water ultimately works out to be cheaper in the long run, when compared to bottled water. The market today provides you with multiple options to suit your needs and budgets, like a subscription-based water purifier, where you do not have to pay for the device installation or maintenance. What could be easier than that?


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Switching to filtered water is powerful steps

Filtered water is fast becoming an easier and more affordable choice of drinking water in India, due to the variety of options now available here, to suit your budget as well as your unique water-based needs. Switching to filtered water is one of the most powerful steps that you can take, not only for the well-being and health of your family but also for the environment as a whole.


Besides providing safe and contaminant-free water with an enhanced taste and odor, filtered water also plays a key role in helping to reduce plastic bottle pollution which is choking our planet. So, make an informed choice and consider installing a tap water filter at home.  

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