Pure, clean drinking water is one of the primary requirements for a healthy life. The water that you get access to through civic sources, can be contaminated in a multitude of ways. From pathogens like bacteria and other parasites, chemical pollution through indiscriminate use of fertilizers and other chemicals, to harmful contaminants like lead and mercury, water bodies are susceptible to pollution in a multitude of ways. 


In such a scenario, water purifiers have grown to be an indispensable part of most households across the country.  But one of the most crucial factors you may be overlooking after installing a purifier, is the water purifier maintenance. Without consistent servicing and maintenance, your water purifier will not function properly, and you may even run the risk of drinking contaminated water. Here are some pointers on the importance of water purifier maintenance and how you can be benefitted by regular servicing.


Importance of servicing your water purifier regularly


Like any other machine that you use, water purifiers also need to be serviced regularly, to ensure that they are functioning in their optimal capacity.

1.Maintains Purifier health


Experts recommend that you service your water purifier every three months, so that it works with the same level of efficiency. It also lowers the chances of wear and tear going undetected. 


2.More efficiency


Your water purifier is working consistently to filter out contaminants and pathogens and over time its filters may get clogged, and the pores may get blocked. This reduces its capacity to filter out harmful pollutants, and you face the risk of drinking impure water. Regular water filter maintenance can ensure clean filters and efficiency. 


3.Clean water


Water is a natural solvent and can dissolve almost anything in it. This makes it very susceptible to act as a host for water borne diseases. An Ro purifier can help you prevent that but only if it is serviced consistently and all its parts are clean and fine-tuned. An inefficient water purifier with clogged pores, will not only give you sporadic water supply, forcing you to depend on other means of getting drinking water, it will also supply substandard quality water.

Regular and Consistent maintenance is crucial for water purifier functioning

A lag in consistent maintenance also means that you may incur higher water purifier maintenance cost in the long run. Timely water filter maintenance can ensure that the damages and wear and tear, if any, are dealt with effectively, as soon as or before it happens and you can enjoy pure, safe drinking water always. 


This will ensure that you and your family can lead a healthy life, with a robust immune system, without worrying about the water quality.



5 benefits of regularly servicing your water purifier



1. Uninterrupted water supply


Since our water bodies are heavily polluted, your water filter must deal with a plethora of pollutants and contaminants on a regular basis. This will eventually lead to clogged and dirty filters and a slowing down of its filtering capacity. If ignored, you will notice that the flow of water has slowed down when you operate your purifier. In some cases, the water supply may be completely cut off. This will lead to unnecessary problems for you. A timely maintenance plan will ensure that you get an uninterrupted supply of pure drinking water, irrespective of the source.


2. Save on electricity bills


Over time your water purifier, even the ones operating on the latest technology, will work less efficiently if operated constantly, without servicing. The accumulation of debris and pollutants may clog the filter and put stress on the other parts of the purifier. This will ultimately get translated into higher electricity bills.  Prompt servicing will eliminate all these problems and ensure that you have a low maintenance water purifier.


3. Reduce water wastage


During current times, when clean safe drinking water is a privilege which is enjoyed by only a part of the population, water wastage is a factor that you should constantly be wary of. If your water purifier is not serviced regularly, it can put stress and pressure on its components, as they are dealing with debris and contaminants which have not been cleared, along with unattended wear and tear. This also means that the amount of rejected water that it produces will increase, leading to unnecessary wastage of water. So, regular water purifier maintenance is the panacea to all your water troubles.


4. Extend the life of the filter


Due to the levels of pollution that we are facing, water purifiers must deal with huge amounts of contaminants which affect the life of the filter if not dealt with. During servicing, the service personnel clean the filters and replace it if necessary, allowing easy flow of water through it. A blocked filter reduces the efficiency of filtration, as it cannot allow water molecules to pass through it due to its clogged pores. This will eventually affect the functioning of the water purifier.


5. Protects from water borne diseases


RO water purifier is best bet against water borne disease

Water borne diseases are a major threat, killing thousands of people globally. An RO purifier is your best bet against water borne diseases, as mere boiling may not eliminate all contaminants. But this is true only if your water filter maintenance is up to the mark. A water purifier, even if it employs the latest technology water purification system, is helpless against water borne diseases, if not serviced properly. 


Water purifiers constantly deal with contaminants and so over time the filters may get clogged or damaged, leading to a compromise in the quality of water. If not attended to regularly, you may face the risk of consuming contaminated water, leading to a host of infections.




A water purifier is only as good as the quality and consistency of its maintenance. Whatever be the brand of your water purifier, regular and consistent maintenance is crucial for its smooth functioning. Your purifier can keep up its latest technology driven ability to purify water, only if it is serviced and cleaned regularly and its minor glitches are dealt with consistently. So go ahead and get your purifier serviced and enjoy worry free uninterrupted supply of the elixir of life.


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