Ever wondered why despite drinking lots of water some people just don’t have radiant skin? 


We all know that drinking water is essential for healthy skin. But what about the quality of the water we use to bathe, shower, and wash our faces? Turns out, water quality can have a big impact on our skin health.


This is especially true if the water you drink contains high levels of dissolved solids. Water that has high TDS levels can strip away the skin’s natural oils, leaving it feeling dry, itchy, and rough. It can also clog pores, leading to breakouts and acne.


Not to mention other contaminants in water, such as heavy metals and chemicals, can also damage the skin. These contaminants can disrupt the skin barrier and increase the risk of skin infections.


Bellandur water quality is a prime example of how poor water quality can affect the skin. The TDS (total dissolved solids) level of water in Bellandur is very high. In this blog, we delve into why drinking the right quality of water is more important than quantity and how Bellandur’s fluctuating water quality taught us an important lesson.

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Why is drinking the right quality of water important for the skin?


Drinking high-quality water is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and acts as a protective barrier against external elements. Hydration plays a key role in ensuring that the skin functions optimally, and water quality directly influences its condition.


Quality water helps keep the skin adequately moisturized. Dehydration can lead to dryness, flakiness, and a lackluster complexion. When you consume water with impurities, it may not effectively nourish the skin cells, potentially resulting in a compromised skin barrier. Opting for purified water ensures that the hydration benefits are maximized.


The dangers of drinking water with high TDS levels

High levels of TDS in drinking water leads to skin issues, acne and inflammation

Moreover, water acts as a natural detoxifier, flushing out toxins from the body. High-quality water aids in the elimination of waste and promotes clearer skin. On the contrary, water with elevated Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels, which indicates the presence of minerals and impurities, may burden the body’s detoxification processes. This can contribute to skin issues such as acne and inflammation.


The dangers of drinking water with high TDS levels extend beyond skin concerns. Excessive mineral content can lead to the accumulation of deposits in internal organs and negatively impact overall health. Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis may exacerbate due to the body’s struggle to eliminate these excess minerals.


Additionally, high TDS water may disrupt the delicate balance of the skin’s pH levels. Proper pH is crucial for maintaining the skin’s acid mantle, a protective layer that defends against bacteria and environmental pollutants. Imbalances in pH can leave the skin susceptible to infections and irritation.


Bellandur- An example of how water quality can affect your skin


Testing various water samples in Bengaluru revealed a concerning trend in Bellandur, where tap water exhibited high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels. The analysis unveiled significant fluctuations in TDS and pH levels between February and June, raising alarms for residents.


In February, the TDS level measured around 667, surpassing the acceptable limit. By June, it escalated to 830, indicating a dramatic increase. Such elevated TDS levels pose potential risks, particularly for skin health.

Side effects of high TDS levels in drinking water on skin


High TDS in drinking water can have detrimental effects on the skin over time. The skin’s ability to maintain moisture and its overall health is compromised when exposed to water with excessive dissolved solids. Bellandur residents, relying on the same tap water for bathing and skin care, face heightened concerns. The water’s composition can exacerbate existing skin issues and contribute to increased acne and inflammation.


For Bellandur residents experiencing skin problems despite following a diligent skincare routine and a balanced diet, the water quality may be a contributing factor. Recognizing the link between water quality and skin health is crucial in addressing these concerns effectively.


Bringing home the right water purifier is a game-changer!


Switching to a customized water purifier becomes important in such scenarios. At DrinkPrime we not only monitor fluctuating water quality but also use filters tailored to the specific tap water quality of the area. This targeted approach ensures that residents receive water that meets not only basic standards but also aligns with the unique characteristics of Bellandur’s water supply.


Investing in a reliable water purification system is an essential step toward safeguarding skin health and overall well-being. By addressing the high TDS levels in Bellandur’s tap water, residents can reduce the risks associated with skin problems and enjoy a healthier living environment.


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Customized water purifier helps im mitigating the impact of high TDS on the skin

The quality of water directly influences the quality of your skin. Opting for purified, low-TDS water ensures that your skin receives the hydration it needs without the potential drawbacks of impurities. Taking proactive measures, such as adopting a customized water purifier, can significantly contribute to mitigating the impact of high TDS on the skin and ensuring a safer water supply for daily use.


Remember, your skin reflects your overall health, and the foundation of good skin care starts with the water you consume. Choose wisely to get a radiant complexion and support your skin’s natural functions!

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