As the festive fervor of Diwali approaches in just two weeks, the excitement of returning home, exchanging gifts, indulging in sweets, and creating lasting memories intensifies. 


However, amid the usual array of dry fruits and clothing, why not opt for gifts that carry a more profound meaning and longevity? 


That too a Diwali Gift under 500!


While traditional gifts bring about short-term joy, a water purifier promises a lasting impact on the person’s health and well-being. 


In this blog, we delve into a thoughtful alternative – the gift of clean, safe, and healthy drinking water. Many families still rely on water cans for their drinking needs, and a water purifier emerges as a practical and impactful choice to gift someone.


Let us understand the significance of gifting not just for the moment, but for a sustained improvement in the lives of your loved ones. Read on to find out how to get a Diwali Gift under 500!


The best Diwali Gift under 500 that is for all seasons


Searching for the perfect Diwali gift under 500 Rs that combines both practicality and thoughtfulness? 


Look no further! This festive season, why not break away from the usual lineup of dry fruits and clothes and opt for a gift that not only brings joy but also promotes health and happiness in the long run? Enter the game-changer – a water purifier subscription.


Make your gift stand out from the crowd


Diwali, a time of celebration and togetherness, is often marked by the exchange of gifts. While traditional gifts have their charm, consider stepping up your gifting game with a present that stands out among the other gifts. A water purifier subscription not only aligns with the festive spirit but also addresses a crucial aspect of daily life – access to clean and safe drinking water.


Why is a water purifier subscription the best Diwali gift under 500 Rs? Firstly, it offers unparalleled convenience. In a world where time is of the essence, a subscription ensures a regular supply of clean water without the hassle of constantly purchasing bottled water or relying on unhygienic water cans. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, enhancing the recipient’s daily life with minimal effort.


Let’s talk about the cost-effectiveness of this gift. With a budget-friendly price tag, a water purifier subscription proves that a meaningful and practical gift doesn’t have to break the bank. Your gesture of providing a continuous source of purified water speaks volumes about your consideration for the well-being of your loved ones.


Surprise your loved ones with a gift of health and wellness


Beyond the immediate joy of receiving a thoughtful gift, a water purifier subscription is a gift for all seasons. In a world where accessing safe drinking water is a challenge due to microplastics and water contamination, this present demonstrates foresight and care for the environment and, most importantly, for the health of your dear ones. It’s not just a Diwali gift; it’s a year-round assurance of safe hydration.


Why you need to gift a DrinkPrime subscription


Here’s why a DrinkPrime subscription is the perfect Diwali gift under 500 Rs:


1. Super light on your pocket


With a budget-friendly price tag, a DrinkPrime subscription proves that meaningful and practical gifts need not break the bank, making it an affordable choice for your festive gifting. Our subscription plans start from Rs 333* only!


2. Convenience at your fingertips


Your loved ones can say goodbye to the hassle of lugging heavy water cans or relying on expensive traditional water purifiers. A DrinkPrime subscription offers the gift of convenience – a regular supply of 100% purified water at the touch of a button, making hydration effortless.


3. Health benefits beyond Diwali


What makes a DrinkPrime subscription the best Diwali gift under 500 Rs? Well, beyond the festivities, a DrinkPrime subscription contributes to the well-being of your loved ones throughout the year. It ensures access to clean and safe drinking water, making it a health-conscious gesture with long-term impact.


4. Unique and memorable gift

Free delivery , installation and lifetime maintenance

Stand out from the crowd of traditional gifts! A water purifier subscription is a thoughtful and innovative choice that leaves a lasting impression. It showcases your consideration for both immediate and long-term needs. And with DrinkPrime, you get a customized water purifier on rent at just Rs 333* – a win-win for all!


5. Comprehensive gifting experience


Your loved ones get to enjoy additional perks that enhance their gifting experience. Benefit from FREE delivery services, installation, lifetime maintenance, and relocation, adding an extra layer of cost savings for your friends and family.. It’s not just a subscription; it’s a complete package ensuring uninterrupted access to clean drinking water.



Best diwali gift under 500- Drinkprime subscription

As the Diwali lights illuminate homes, let your gift shine even brighter. Make a lasting impression by choosing a present that transcends the festivities – a water purifier subscription. Show your loved ones that you care about their well-being and the environment. 


This is why when considering the best Diwali gift under 500 Rs, a DrinkPrime subscription ticks all the boxes. It’s cost-effective, convenient, health-conscious, unique, and comes with additional perks, making it the ideal choice for a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. This Diwali, choose DrinkPrime – because the best gifts are the ones that keep giving.


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