We live in exciting times, at the intersection of innovation and convenience, where smart devices are making our already technically informed lives even more convenient. In such a scenario, the water purification industry is undergoing a wave of change in terms of innovation and technological advancements. With extensive water pollution, environmental degradation, etc., our water bodies are severely contaminated. This has created a demand for smart water purifiers which assure uninterrupted access to pure water. In this article, we explore how a smart water purifier can positively affect our daily lives.

What are the emerging trends in the water purifier industry this year?

  • The global market is witnessing increased awareness among people about the effects of water pollution, industrialization, and how severely contaminated our water sources are. This, coupled with government schemes and campaigns, is a driving factor in the demand for purifiers. 
  • The lack of filtered municipal water supply and the increased levels of waterborne infections are causing people to rethink how they want to consume water. In the post-pandemic world, people are generally more health conscious, and making lifestyle changes that align with their health goals and access to safe water, tops the list. 
  • Water purifiers are no longer considered a luxury; rather, they have been accepted as indispensable household equipment. This shift in mindset is increasing the size of the water purifier market. This is comparable to the air purifier trend in Delhi, which witnessed an increased demand for air purifiers there due to deteriorating air quality. 

Evolution of RO purifiers into smart water purifiers 

  • In RO purification, your source water passes through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane employs reverse osmosis technology and allows water molecules to pass but restricts the flow of other contaminants. This method removes most toxins, including suspended particles, dissolved salts, heavy metals, natural toxins, etc. 
  • RO purifiers are among the best water purifiers for homes. They use multiple levels of filtration to ensure that the water they produce is clean and safe for consumption. 
  • RO can also be used to decontaminate water for various other applications, such as clinical, pharmacological, and synthetic.

Why are smart water purifiers proving to be essential in India?

  • Most of the population in India depends on bottled water or the traditional concept of boiling water before drinking it for their daily consumption needs. However, a large percentage of bottled water is unfit for consumption as the source water is not hygienic. 
  • A growing awareness among people about the effects of contaminated bottled water as well as the hazards of microplastics they might be exposed to, coupled with the environmental pollution such bottles cause, is turning the tide in favor of the water purifier market. The fact that boiling water alone cannot eliminate toxins and contaminants has also caused a shift in attitude towards the water purifier. These factors have opened the path for the water purifier industry to grow in the coming years.
  • India has large pockets of population who are still denied access to pure drinking water. This, coupled with rampant water pollution fueled by the rising population, rapid industrialization, and environmental pollution, has drastically increased waterborne diseases. These factors make a good water purifier a necessity rather than a luxury.

Advantages of smart water purifiers

  • IoT: With the rapid technological advancements in the past decade, smart purifiers have transformed the way we access pure water. With IoT integration, they connect to the internet and exchange data in real-time. This allows for features like remote monitoring and filter replacement alerts. 
  • Advanced sensors: The upcoming models will have sensors that can detect a wider range of contaminants. By providing real-time data on parameters like pH levels, dissolved pathogens, etc., you can make informed decisions and actions to ensure the safety of water.
  • Using AI: By integrating Artificial intelligence technology, purifiers can now learn and adapt consistently to water quality and usage patterns. This leads to enhanced filtration, changing the settings to suit the quality of source water and even predicting filter life span. Integration of advanced filtration technologies like nanotechnology, hyriid filtration, etc., will effectively remove even emerging contaminants, giving you the highest possible purity.
  • Sustainability: Future smart water purifiers are slated to minimize water wastage drastically while optimizing energy consumption and using eco-friendly materials. 

Why should you invest in a smart water purifier?

  • Enhanced water quality and health: With water contamination posing a real threat to your health, smart water purifiers dramatically improve the water quality, eliminating toxins and enhancing the taste and odor. A smart water filter for home is akin to your health insurance as it protects you from water-related diseases as well.
  • Within budget: With growing demand, manufacturers are developing low-cost purifiers that meet the standards and specifications and suit all budgets.

Types of smart purifiers

  • RO: RO is synonymous with water purifiers. They use multiple filtration levels and a powerful semipermeable membrane to remove most of the toxins, including heavy metals and dissolved salts.
  • UV: In these, the water is passed through a UV chamber, where it is exposed to UV radiation to destroy pathogens. It’s mostly used for municipal water with TDS below 500 mg/lt.
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS: These advanced models offer the best of both worlds, combining powerful technologies and multiple filtration levels to ensure that your output water is free of all possible contaminants. This powerful combination can deal with TDS levels, microbial contamination, suspended chemicals, etc. 


With the dire state of the source water available, it becomes important to use good-quality water purifiers to solve your drinking water problems. 

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