We all drink water on a daily basis, but are we drinking good-quality water? The benefit of water purifier can surprise you and make you wonder if the water that you are drinking now is anywhere nearly as good as the purified water

These days, people have started to understand the importance of staying hydrated. There are various applications and alarms that remind them to drink water. As the importance of hydration is understood, so should the importance of drinking water that is 100% safe. Staying hydrated is a very healthy practice as long as the water that you drink is clean, safe, and healthy. There might be more than one way to drink clean water, but the most effective way is drinking purified water. 

Water can be filtered as well as purified, but what exactly is the difference between water filtration and purification? What are the benefits of water purifier? Let’s have a look


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Filtration vs Purification

Water filtration is basically filtering out visible impurities. Using filtration, all the solid particles in the water can be removed. Filtration can be a very easy process that can be done in minutes as well. It can be done easily by using a simple filter, sand filters, or even a filter pitcher. Filtered water has various purposes where it can be used to drink, water plants, and such. 

Water purification goes one step ahead and purifies the drinking water by removing lead, salt, bacteria, and other biological contaminants. Though boiling water is better than drinking tap water as it is, it still cannot get rid of all pollutants such as chlorine and heavy metals. The best way is to use a water purifier. The advantages of a water purifier do not just stop at killing contaminants and providing clean water, it does so much more.

Advantages of water filtration


Drinking clear water

Filtering water is one way to drink the purest water. It helps in clearing out any visible solid contaminants. Apart from giving clear water to drink, filtration also improves the appearance of water. 


Better smell and taste

Filtration provides water that doesn’t have a bad smell and taste. The taste is much better than normal tap water which makes it easier for people to stay hydrated.


Better for health

Everybody knows how important drinking water is to maintain your health and take care of it. Drinking filtered water improves your health, gives you energy, improves your mood, and helps you lead a better life.

Takes less time to filter

The process of filtration is easy and clean water can be obtained in minutes.


Since bottled water is the alternative to clean water, having a water filtration system at home that can give you clean water at the click of a button itself cuts down the cost of getting bottles of water every time.


Advantages of water purifier


100% safe drinking water

 Same as a water filter, a water purifier also gives you safe and clean water. The benefit of water purifier is that it gives safer water than the water filter because it does not just remove visible impurities from the water it also kills bacteria and germs that cannot be seen.


Make you more healthy

Buying a water purifier is a one-time investment

It is a known fact that hydration is an important part of life, especially for your physical health. Filtered water is healthier because it kills off the bad bacteria, it is also better than bottled water as it contains less toxins, chemicals and microplastics.



Installing a water purifier is relatively less time consuming and you can easily operate it. When a water purifier is installed at each house or work space, it becomes convenient to get pure water at the touch of a button. This is a great benefit of a water purifier!


Cost effective

 Buying a water purifier is a one-time investment that leads to cut down cost down the line. With DrinkPrime, you don’t even have to worry about a one time investment cost! We offer subscription plans, wherein you can choose from an array of plans depending on what works for you and your family- that too as low as Rs.333 a month.


Helps in weight  loss

An advantage of drinking water free of impurities is that it boosts your body’s metabolism and decreases your appetite level in a healthy way. This in turn means you are less likely to overeat – helping you consume less calories than usual.


Makes your skin glow

One of the benefits of water purifiers is that it is also great for your skin. Having skin without breakouts and acne is a dream come true for a lot of people. The secret to clear skin is drinking plenty of good quality water at regular intervals.


Helps you stay hydrated

Having a water purifier at home is the best way to stay hydrated because it is accessible, reduces the time and labor that goes in getting water cans or bottles and is available anytime you need it. So you can get your tasty glass of water anytime you want and stay fit and hydrated all day long.


Healthy cooking

Normally tap water is used for cooking, but the better and healthier way to cook is to use purified water because it does not have toxins that can lead to a variety of long-term health issues. It also improves the taste of the food itself by enhancing the food’s natural flavor.


Better for the environment

Using water purifiers is also super eco-friendly as it is beneficial to the environment. How? By reducing the no: of plastic water bottles being produced and reducing its waste.



How do these water purifiers work?


Water purifiers work by removing impurities and contaminants from water, making it safe for consumption. These devices utilize various purification methods such as activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. By employing these purification techniques, water purifiers ensure access to clean and safe drinking water, promoting better health and well-being for households and communities. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of purification elements are essential to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of these devices.


RO Water Purifier


A Reverse Osmosis water purifier uses a semipermeable membrane to filter out the contaminants in the water.  In this, the water goes through 3-4 stages of filtration before it is sent out for consumption. It has more than one type of filter such as Sediment filter which clears out dirt and dust and a carbon filter which clears chlorine and other substances that give bad odor to the water. The sediment or carbon filter might not always be present in an RO purifier, but there is always a Semipermeable membrane.


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Know your water

Investing in water purifier ensures safe and clean water

In these times, it is important to take care of your body and health and make sure everything you consume is safe and clean. Water purifiers are essential tools that not only safeguard our health but also contribute to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Investing in a water purifier ensures access to safe, clean water, benefiting us individually and collectively, while also making a positive contribution to our planet’s health.

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