We are made up of 70% water! And as such, drinking safe water becomes crucial to keep oneself healthy with all bodily functions taking place smoothly. Though water in itself is super healthy and necessary, some people claim that various temperatures of water come with its own benefits. For example, hot water! So here are 10 benefits of drinking hot water! 

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1.Relieves congestion 


One of the instant benefits of drinking hot water is that it clears congestion! A stuffy nose is immediately cleared with a cup of hot water. Inhaling the steam has a soothing effect as well. Since there is no cure for the common cold, drinking hot can help you get rid of symptoms! 


2.Helps in digestion 


A lot of people prefer drinking hot water the first thing in the morning as it helps in smooth bowel movements and digestion for the rest of the day! Moreover, constipation is usually caused by dehydration itself. 


3.Improves blood circulation


Hot water is proven to expand blood vessels leading to improved blood circulation. This inturn can have positive effects on your skin and hair as well! This is one of the benefits of drinking hot water that can improve most body functions! 

Sleep better and detoxify your body

4.Helps you sleep better 


Drinking warm water after a meal or before bed can bring you a sound sleep with no interruption! Research has also shown that being cold at night can keep you up. Hot water can help regulate body temperature to avoid this! 


5.Boosts nervous system 


A cup of hot water not only gives you momentary relief but also can improve the nervous system in the long run. It has also proven to reduce allergy symptoms. 


6.Detoxifies your body 


Drinking hot water is proven to be beneficial for your kidneys. It helps them filter toxins which are then eliminated from the body through urination or sweat! This is one of the benefits of drinking hot water that can help you maintain a healthy, toxin-free system! 


7.Aids in weight loss


Hot water is always considered a boon in the weight loss journey as it helps you stay full and aids digestion as well. Moreover, hot water is also proven to enhance metabolism and further help in your weight loss. 


8.Improves sinus health 


The steam produced by a cup of hot water can help maintain sinus health and unclog it completely! A benefit of hot drinking water that can help you get over headaches and all other painful symptoms of a poor sinus. 

9.Reduces stress


A cup of hot water can help you relax and has proven to improve the central nervous system health! Additionally, reducing anxiety is another benefit of drinking hot water! 


10.Soothes pains  


Hot water is proven to soothe abdominal muscles. This can help women in getting help with those painful menstrual cramps!


There are so many more reasons to pick up that hot glass of water be it in the morning or before going to bed at night! However, it is important to drink safe water and not just any water. Don’t trust water that comes in unhygienic water cans or traditional water purifiers that under purify or over purify water. 


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