Access to safe water is a common denominator that is crucial for our well-being. Most of us depend on municipal sources or bottled water for our water needs. Unfortunately, due to severe water pollution and strained water resources, most of our water bodies are extremely contaminated. Bottled water comes with its own set of discrepancies as you cannot be sure of the source of the water. Consuming this water regularly can cause a plethora of waterborne infections.  The best water purifiers available today are equipped to handle these contaminants and ensure that you get pure water that is not stripped of essential minerals. Let us look at some of the features that make these advanced purifiers a lifesaver when it comes to purifying water.

Why can’t we consume untreated water?

  • Municipal tap water is most often hard and unfit for consumption, as it contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium. From ungainly stains to corroded appliances, hard water has a long list of problems attached to it. 
  • Untreated water can also contain pathogens that can cause waterborne infections, which can be fatal if untreated. 
  • The untreated groundwater may also contain traces of heavy metals like fluoride, arsenic, etc which are toxic and can bio-accumulate in your body. This means that once you ingest them, your body cannot get rid of these toxins and though you may not experience any side effects immediately, it has the potential to lead to health problems in the long run. Metal pollution affects children and elderly people majorly.
  • These contaminants cannot be eliminated by merely boiling the water and distillation causes the essential minerals to be stripped away. Water purifiers with advanced technology are your best bet to ensure uninterrupted access to safe drinking water.

What are some of the latest technologies available to purify water?

  • The advanced technologies in the best water purifiers eliminate organic and inorganic contaminants, ensuring that your drinking water is pure. The most popular and effective ones are Ultraviolet technology and Reverse osmosis technology.
  • Reverse osmosis is considered the gold standard in water purification, as it can eliminate microbiological and chemical impurities along with dissolved salts and heavy metals. UV purification is the next most powerful technology as it removes most of the pathogens in the water without chemical intervention.
  • In RO purification, the filtration of water happens in multiple stages. The water purifier filter contains active carbon as well as particle filters, which makes it powerful. The source water passes through a semipermeable membrane that allows water molecules to pass through but restricts the passage of other contaminants. A pressure greater than the naturally occurring osmotic pressure is applied and water is forced through this membrane, causing the water to pass through, leaving behind the other contaminants and giving you pure water with enhanced taste and odor. 

Comparison of RO and UV purifiers

  • RO purifiers are best suited to purify hard water with a TDS above 500 mg/lt. UVU purifiers are more suited for municipal water sources with TDS less than 500mg/ lt.
  • RO purifiers remove dissolved salts and impurities, which a UV purifier cannot.
  • A UV purifier kills pathogens but does not eliminate the debris out of the water, while an RO purifier eliminates contaminants and clears away the debris leaving pure water behind.
  • While a RO purifier enhances the taste and odor of water, it causes a lot of water wastage. A UV purifier does not alter the taste and smell of water and does not waste water.
  • RO purification is more time-consuming than UV purification. An RO purifier has a storage tank which is absent in UV purifiers.
  • RO purifiers, due to their more advanced features, are more expensive than UV purifiers.

What features should you check for in a modern purifier?

  • Advanced purification: Most RO purifiers come with a combination of technologies like  RO, UV Fu, TDS control, turbidity, etc, within a single system. These technologies work in tandem, like an RO+UV water purifier, to ensure the highest levels of purification. The higher the filtration stages, the purer the output water. You can also check out the auto flush feature, which, other than ensuring consistent purification, will also prolong the life of your membrane filter.
  • Less wastage: Advanced purifiers have technology that enables them to have high levels of water recovery. Some purifiers have wastage levels of only twenty percent and even zero water wastage in some advanced models. The energy efficiency of the model you choose is also a crucial factor to be considered, as it minimizes your carbon footprint and creates savings in the long run.
  • Storage: If you have a large family, this feature will be non-negotiable, as you won’t have to wait for water purification each time you need water. Many advanced water purifier filters can store pure water germ-free for up to seven days. A faster flow rate ensures quicker output water so that you don’t have to waste time waiting for it. 
  • Plumbing and maintenance: Ensure that the purifier is the right fit for the space you have allocated for it and that the inlet-outlet plumbing and water pressure requirements are in place to avoid unwanted surprises after the purchase. 
  • Maintenance: Before you purchase, consider the servicing, part replacement costs, and maintenance required to keep the filter functioning optimally. Check the brand’s post-purchase service and warranty details before investing.
  • Mineral loss: Most purifiers cause a stripping away of essential minerals during purification prices. Ensure that you invest in the model which will minimise or supplement mineral loss.


With the profusion of brands available today, it is prudent that you acquaint yourself with the features and technologies. DrinkPrime water purifier is one of the leading purifier bands, in the market today. All of our purifiers come equipped with the latest technologies to deal with water contamination. Yes, you heard that right!

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So, take advantage of the latest advancements to ensure uninterrupted access to safe water.

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