Cancellation & Refund Policy
Last Updated: 21/10/21

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A Subscription can be cancelled at any time as set out below. The following terms and conditions govern all the transactions with respect to the paid Services availed via our Platform and the Products:
  • If you purchase a Plan, you acknowledge and agree that your Subscription will automatically renew and DrinkPrime will charge you on a recurring basis until you cancel your Subscription and such cancellation is effective, which may not be until the next Billing Cycle.
  • For requesting a cancellation, you must contact DrinkPrime customer care or address an email to
  • Upon DrinkPrime receiving an email or an intimation with a request for cancellation of subscription to any Plan, DrinkPrime shall duly deactivate the auto-renewal feature.
  • Following any cancellation request, you will continue to have access to the service through the end of your current Billing Cycle.
  • The non-use of the Services post availing a Subscription does not entail you to a refund for the whole or part of the cancelled Subscription, except as otherwise stated herein. However, please note that, we offer a validity extension feature of 28 Days post every 360 days of usage. To avail this feature, please do let us know in advance by sending us an e-mail to
  • Post cancellation of Your Subscription, if you wish to re-subscribe to the Subscription, you may do so.
  • Please note that if you delete your Account, you will lose access to the remaining Balance and Services left in your Subscription. During the deletion process, you are asked to explicitly agree to forfeit the remaining time and Services in your current paid subscription and acknowledge that you won’t be refunded for this unused time.
  • Refund: At the end of a Subscription, the security deposit as well as any excess balance (applicable for long term plans) shall be refunded.
    The refund calculation for monthly subscription as well long term plans is mentioned below:
    Sample example for refund calculation -
    Monthly Subscription Plan 374
    Recharge Date 01-09-2020
    Total Recharge Amount 374
    Uninstallation Request Date 15-09-2020
    Due Subscription Amount 374
    Balance Subscription Refund 0
    Monthly subscription
    We are a prepaid service provider, providing water purifiers on Subscription Model. Once a payment has been made towards the Subscription of purifier for a particular month, there shall be no refund of the subscription amount for any reason including Uninstallation/Un-subscription. (Refer to the example below for details)
    Sample example for refund of excess balance - Long Term Subscription Plan 374
    Recharge Duration 6 Months - (5 Months + 1 Month free)
    Total Recharge Amount 1995
    Month of Usage (including month of uninstallation) 3
    Due Subscription Amount (3 Months @ 374/Month) 1122
    Balance Subscription to be refunded 873
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy for Products: Please note that the cancellation and refund terms that apply to any Product if purchased via the Platform shall be as per the terms and conditions set out by the Seller on the respective Product’s page. Please contact the Seller directly should you wish the return and claim refund for the Product.
  • Modification: We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. We may modify these terms or add any additional terms that apply to the Service to, for example, reflect changes to the law or changes to our Services. You should review the terms regularly. Your continued use of the Services post an amendment shall be construed as a deemed acceptance of the amended terms and conditions.
  • These terms are to be read in line with the Terms of Service available at All defined terms have the same meaning as stated in the Terms of Service.