Water is one of the most valuable natural resources available on our planet. It is one of the reasons why earth can support life forms of all kinds. This life-giving resource has a finite supply and is consistently being depleted year after year, due to careless practices.

This makes it imperative to find ways to conserve water, to prevent its shortage, which can have catastrophic effects. Access to safe, clean drinking water is a privilege that we cannot take for granted anymore. A large part of the population is struggling to get a proper water supply to meet their needs.

The water bodies available currently are under extreme stress due to a host of factors like pollution, indiscriminate use of chemicals, and mismanagement of water resources. With many areas impacted by severe drought and shortage of water, it becomes crucial to take steps to conserve water and manage our freshwater resources. What better day to start some easy steps to conserve this elixir of life, than World earth day.

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How can we save water on Earth Day?

Earth Day is an event held annually in solidarity with the efforts taken to protect our environment and to highlight the need to protect our natural resources. It was first started on April 22, 1970, by Senator Gaylord Nelson, to highlight the importance of environmental protection. It has since then grown into a global phenomenon and is coordinated by earthday.org.

Mismanagement of water resources has further aggravated this problem and the effects of water shortage can affect our very survival on this planet. Conserving water doesn’t have to be so hard and in fact, can be easily incorporated into your daily life. If every individual consciously takes steps to save water, it will collectively make a massive difference in water conservation.

From utensil washing, and brushing your teeth to watering plants, it is difficult to track water consumption and wastage, if you are not mindful. While letting the water run for an extra minute, as you brush your teeth may not seem such a big deal, it can lead to large-scale wastage of water, in the long run.

With population explosion, global warming, and large-scale industrial developments, even small steps taken to conserve water can contribute to environmental welfare.

Celebrate World Earth Day with these ten easy-to-follow steps to conserve water.

Small steps to conserve water

As with most good things, water conservation also begins at home. Water is needed for most of your daily routines in and around your home from bathing, cooking, and cleaning homes to watering plants. In most cases, each of these tasks involves a drastic amount of water being wasted, due to carelessness and negligence.

Water conservation fortunately needs very little effort on your part and with a little mindfulness can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. This little activity on your part can lead to the conservation of water as well as give you the satisfaction of having done your part toward saving this precious resource.

10 Easy Ways to Conserve Water on Earth Day

1. Fix leaks and drips immediately

A leaky faucet or pipe may seem like a minor nuisance that may not find a space in your to-do lists. A leaky pipe is a major source of water wastage over time. So, make it a habit to check your faucets and under the sink consistently to ensure that there are no leaks. If you spot a leak, get it rectified as soon as possible.

This will not only save water but also save you extra water bills and additional plumbing costs if the leak escalates and the problem becomes bigger than a minor drip.

2. Limit your shower time

Taking long, hot showers

Showers are one of the major sources of water wastage. Taking long, hot showers may feel wonderful but, in a world where people do not have access to even drinking water, it is a privilege that is not to be taken lightly. Ideally, it is better to switch to bucket baths, as it is one of the most efficient ways to conserve water while bathing.

3. Use toilets on a need basis

Stop the practice of using your toilet to flush down garbage. The amount of water wasted while unnecessarily using the flush is dramatic when added up collectively. So, teach your family to use the toilet mindfully and only as and when needed to conserve water.

4. Turn off taps while brushing teeth

This is one area where most families are not aware of the amount of water being wasted. As you ensure the health of your pearly whites, a minute or two of your taps running may not even cross your mind. But over time, the collective wastage of such water day after day, adds up to alarming quantities of water being wasted. So, train yourself to be disciplined about turning off the tap.

5. Be mindful about using water-dependent appliances

Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers have dramatically improved the quality of our lives, by taking over labor-intensive chores. But these machines use up a lot of water which can be saved by following some easy measures like putting on a load only when full, forgoing the extra rinse by not adding more detergent, and installing a water softener in case of hard water, etc.

6. Practice reusing water

Collecting rainwater and RO reject water, water from ac duct pipes, etc. are the easiest ways to reuse water. This collected water can be used to mop floors, water plants, wash bathrooms, etc. This is water recycling and conservation in this finest form.

7. Do not water lawns and plants every day

Instead of watering your lawn sparingly every day, which will only lead to the evaporation of water, water it deeply once a week to ensure that water is absorbed well. This will ensure that your grass gets enough water as well as reduce water wastage. Do not overwater plants, give only as much water as needed for the soil to absorb it and water towards evening to reduce evaporation.

8. Limit water used for outdoor cleaning

Limit washing your vehicle when it’s dirty. Instead, wiping with a sponge and water will work just as well for everyday dust and dirt. Instead of hosing down patios, consider using a broom and a bucket of water to clean them. These small steps are effective ways to conserve water in the long run.

9. Be mindful of water consumption in the kitchen

While washing utensils and washing fruits and vegetables, ensure that the tap is not running during the entire process. Discipline yourself to streamline the process so that water is used only at the rinsing stage. This can save a lot of water over time.

10. Educate family and co-workers

Water conservation is a collective effort and the more people that are involved, the better the results. Teach children to use water mindfully through examples at home. Educate colleagues or employees on the need to conserve water and how to easily incorporate it at the workplace through simple measures.

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This Earth Day let us pledge to take small steps to conserve water. Every drop saved helps in our goal of ensuring safe water for everyone on the planet. These individual efforts will have a lasting impact on the way water resources are managed, used, and conserved, thus allowing our water bodies to be healthy and limiting water shortages.

Ideally, every day should be considered Earth Day in our current times, when water resources are in a limited supply, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that water is conserved and managed well.  

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