Water cans in Bangalore

Using Water Cans in Bangalore, Below are a few tips that you might find helpful.

If you stay in one of the Metro cities of India, chances are you’ll be familiar with the sights like the one in pictures above. These are packaged drinking water cans which millions in our metro cities rely at homes and offices every day for drinking water.

As a society when we have such high standards and awareness about the grocery we buy, the kind of restaurants we visit, there is surprisingly very less awareness about the water we drink. To get the facts straight, More than 85% of the water sold in these packaged drinking water cans come from sources not authorized by the government and can be potentially unfit for drinking.

Below is our checklist you ought to go through before choosing your Bottled Water

1. Say No to Cans with TAP

The 20 Liter water cans are refillable cans and go from the consumer’s house to the distillery for re-filling, due to the tap there is a higher chance of contamination during transit.

2. Capped and Sealed

Check the top of your can which should be capped and sealed before you buy

3. Date matters

Check the neck / cap of the can for the manufacturing date, water should be consumed within 30 days from the date of manufacture

4. Good with Numbers

The can of drinking water should have an ISI and FssI number on the label (You can verify these details on www.bis.org)

5. Storage and transportation:

Water cans should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and dust. So the next time you see your nearby shop owner piling cans outside his shop, you might want to reconsider!