DrinkPrime service and customer care

The highlight of DrinkPrime water purifier is the prompt service the team offers its customers. The company understands the importance of providing its subscribers with safe drinking water every day and pays special attention to DrinkPrime service.

DrinkPrime customer service focuses on three parameters for your water purifier:

  1. Input water quality
  2. Quantity of water (measured in litres) passed through the filters
  3. Date of the last service

They proactively schedule maintenance checks every six months. In case you feel the need to get the water purifier serviced before that, just visit the DrinkPrime mobile app and ‘Raise an issue’ for General Service.

The DrinkPrime technician will visit you in no time. The technician will check all components - TDS, filters and cartridges - and replace anything if required free of cost.

Here are other ways to raise a DrinkPrime service request - Call 08068764787 or reach us via email at if you have any queries or issues.